The advanced features and functionality beyond traditional functionalities

The smartphone is a very new invention of
humanity. “Smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced features and
functionality beyond traditional functionalities like making phone calls and
sending text messages” (Sarwar & Tariq, 2013, p. 216). The Smartphones are
equipped with the capabilities and features to display photos, play games, play
videos, set navigation, use camera, playback and record audio/video,
send/receive e-mail, apps for social web sites and surf the Web, wireless
Internet, etc. Therefore, we can use Smartphone to do any thing. Smartphone also
becomes a modern telecommunication facility, but it has many impacts on human
life. There are some types of impact of using Smartphone on human life,
including social, economical, political, and cultural impacts. The impacts are
both at the positive side and also at the negative side.


First, the Smartphone has many social
impacts on human life. In positive side, the very first positive point of
mobile phones is communication. The Smartphone makes possible for us to communicated
and be connected with our friends, family and the other people any where and
any time ( Suryanarayana, 2015). The Smartphone also changes the way social relationship
and social interactions. Long distance relationships became possible, so
that  the Smartphone helps  keep
close bond with families and communities. Smartphone features such as, GPS,
Google Maps, Social Media, Social Websites and Internet Network can help the people
get much information in the world. It also help people in their work with
E-mail feature. Although it has many positive impacts, but it also has many negative
sides. The Smartphone has radiation and dangerous for the human’s brain. The Smartphone
can make the people have night’s sleep problem or insomnia. By using Smartphone
to access social media and internet network people are exposed to many online games,
cyber bullying and adult contents.

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Second, the Smartphone is very influential on economic development. It has many economical impacts. In positive side, the people can use many features of online shop such as, Bukalapak, Lazada, Shopee and many others to buy and sell goods easily any where. The people can pay in all transaction and easier to do bank transaction with SMS banking feature to transfer or check the balance without coming to the bank. In negative side, people should be careful in making online purchase or bank transactions because of many scams and much money is needed to buy internet packages and other applications. 

Another impact in political area is to provide information
and news from within the country and abroad.The goverment uses the Smartphone to make important decisions about the
state of the country and then take a poll via phone to see if they got it
right.  Although the goverment gives much
information for the society, but there are many HOAXES in politics.


Finally, the Smartphone can change original culture in Indonesia. Before the Smartphone, people read news from newspapers, magazines and books, but after the Smartphone people read news from the internet and e-books, and they change their preference from public to online transportation. Many western cultures are entering Indonesia and most cultures are bad. The people assume that the smarphone is everything. They can do anything and do not need others, so they will be individualistic, undisciplined and forget the time. 

In conclusion, the Smartphone is a very
important thing. It made communication more efficient and faster since it was
first developed. The Smartphone has transformed societies social behavior by
changing the way to communicate with each other. The smartphone can change the
human life, but the people must be smart to use it.





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(2013). Impact of smartphone’s on society. European Journal of Scientific
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