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 The abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and prohibited drugs is using americas expenses to control the outbreak. “From crime, lost work productivity, and health care we lose more than $740 billion annually” ( As of 2017 drugs have negative effect on people’s lives, whether you’re the user or if you’re around when people use drugs ( In my life there are many people dying because their addiction to drugs. In 2013, opioid prescription drugs for substance abuse cost $78.5 billion in lost money ( The supposed war on drugs is not preventing the consumption of the illegal substances or drug trafficking into the United States. Instead of increasing border security, we should focus on the problems that cause people to use and abuse drugs.     The war on drugs is America’s fight with drug abuse and drug smuggling. America has been fighting drug abuse for over a century. Drugs first came to the United States in the 1800s. Opium and cocaine became popular in the 1880s ( Opium was popular after the Civil War to treat soldiers and cocaine was popular for remedies and could be found in Coca-cola sodas. Morphine was used as a pain reliever and heroin was used to treat respiratory illness. Many of these drugs used to be legal and are now illegal substances that are used to get high. Currently the most  popular drugs are benzodiazepines (benzos) that are being used along with marijuana, ecstasy,, amphetamines, methamphetamines, bath salts, heroin, and lastly crack cocaine. This supports my initial stance because people started to get addicted to drugs that were once legal and began to abuse the legal substances. Many of these drugs are still available in the United States today through the drug trade.     The United States tried to profit from the drug trade in the early 1900s. “The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act is a federal law and it states that the United States taxed the production and distribution of cocaine and opiate products” ( This act was proposed by Francis Burton and was approved on December 17, 1914. There is an extensive list of drug laws starting with drug possession. Instead of banning these drugs in the U.S., the country decided to simply tax the people who import the goods into America to make money off its production because these drugs are popular among the people.     One of the reasons that we know the war on drugs is not preventing drugs from entering the United States is because drugs are a source of endless funding for sellers. The center of the Mexican State is allowing for the expand of the drug trade and the size of the drug economy to keep it financially stable. “For seventy-one years, Mexico was controlled by the “Partido Revolucionario Institucional”, (Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI) says, is . Ties between the PRI and illegal drug traders began in the first half of the twentieth century during the Prohibition, and by the end of World War II the relationship between drug traffickers and the ruling party had solidified ( we know the governments are corrupted, so in Mexico the PRI viewed the illegal drug trade as a source of profit. The corruption goes deeper than just people exposed to these circumstances. Some agents are bribed within the job to protect their families and their economic standing. “The DFS (Dirección Federal de Seguridad) enforced the dictates of the PRI and the drug cartel bosses and functioned as an institutional protection racket. DFS agents and PRI politicians at the highest levels were involved in some of the largest trafficking operations in Mexico, and coordinated the transit and sale of narcotics.”(is     The war on drugs has spent millions on Mexico’s counternarcotics programs. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that $80 million for Blackhawk helicopters and CASA 235 surveillance planes at a cost of $50 million each would be included in the Mérida aid package. “The United States supplies Mexico with 70 to 90 percent of the weapons used in the drug war, according to government figures.” The other critical role the United States play is making sure that the drug war grinds on and is making money for American corporations. “The drug trade is a strictly cash business, no credit cards or checks accepted.   Billions in cash need to be turned into other currencies or usable assets on both sides of the border. Colombian drug kingpins created the Black Market Peso Exchange, and “peso brokers” illegally convert dollars into pesos.”( Mexico is not the ideal place to grow or make the drugs just to deliver it. Mexico is known for their drug lords and shipments of drugs across the border. According to ISR “the conditions in Mexico are not ideal for growing poppies and marijuana”.  So coca leaf is not grown in Mexico instead it grown in Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru. “The drug trade has always been a global enterprise where plants and their delivers pass through borders in search of markets.”     People are hurt by drugs everyday. Whether it is the person who is actually using or the person’s friends, family and community. The person that’s using drugs may not believe they are sick and addicted. Drugs can permanently hurt the body, brain, and organs most of the time. When a person get addicted to drugs it can cause a long-lasting brain damage. When you get addicted to drugs there is a strain on relationships. For example taking care of an offspring/abusing offspring, money problems, and the list goes on. In most cases of child abuse the abuser usually gets the child taken away and put into foster care.(         Drugs will have a long time effect and hold on the American people. Sixty-two percent of Americans are drug offenders.( And almost 50 percent of sentenced federal prisoners were serving time for drug offenses.  In state prisons 25 percent of women are prisoners and 15 percent are male prisoners.( To sum up this information, federal prisons are for drug crimes on a higher offence. But state prisons are for lower crimes, like first offences. Furthermore, there are more people in federal prisons than state prisons because it’s most likely not their first arrest and their charges may be extensive according to the crimes and circumstances.   Sixty-two percent of Americans are drug offenders.( Addiction is most likely very hard to get rid of since there is a lot of people exposed to it. As an American person the right way to handle drugs is to not use it. But in most case people get addicted because they are so easy to obtain and use under peer pressure.   As American Addiction Centers says, The normal drug path that’s taken is when the person decides to take a drug one time, just for the excitement. Next their feeling withdraw because the drug wasn’t taken again. When that happens the person feel a physical and psychological need that takes over every part of his/her life. So as the drugs are taken the end result is that the person is hooked and the need for those drugs take over their lives in an effective manner. And that long term hold is the obstacle that’s going to reck his/her life in a negative way.    According to Recovery Gateway drugs are dangerous chemicals that can affect the body in many ways. For an example is can change your brain and body. Those changes are permanent after the person stops the intake of the drugs that they are taking. And Recovery Gateway  also says drugs can enter the body in ways like injection, inhalation and ingestion. So if the drug is injected into the veins it provides effects immediately. And ingestion requires the drugs to be digested which slows the effects. Since the drugs cause the addiction the person becomes hooked and while hooked the drugs begins to destroy the person on the inside. Drugs like cocaine and heroin can cause neurological problems that a doctor may not be able to fix.     Asap Science says, Humans have been using substances to alter their state of mind by having caffeinated beverages, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol. But the most commonly used drug is Marijuana. Marijuana is most likely the common drug used because it is the easiest drug to obtain. In this video the voice describes the effect Marijuana has on the brain. Marijuana causes a person “thoughts,imagination, and perception to magnify itself.”                                                        Another commonly used drug is Crack Cocaine. Asap Science also says, if Crack is smoked it reaches the brain in as little as 8 second as to if you snort it, which takes about 10 minutes to reach the brain. Once it reaches the brain “users feel energized, alert, and is more aware of their senses. And crake releases large amounts of dopamine( the chemical that is associated with feelings pleasure and euphora). Usually dopamine is reabsorbed into the neuron but crack changes the process.   When crack changes the process it blocks where the reabsorption takes place so the dopamine will expand and will make the person feel really good for about 10 minutes.   But when the dopamine levels decrease it will cause the person to feel low and depressed which is why users smoke more to get as high as they once was. And that passion for that high is what will cause the person to be addicted. While using people are known to have irritability, restlessness, and paranoia. Withdraw from drugs can cause a person to be depressed, anxiousness, add/or have seizures lasting between days, weeks and months (American Addiction Center ).   People may also be addicted to prescribed drugs. Prescribed drugs are typically strong that come with harmful side effects. Doctors take in account of the person’s history, weight, their medicine that has already been prescribed. Many people abuse prescribed drugs by taking them for mind-altering effects and not for the relief from pain. But the people with real chronic pain can also get addicted to prescribed drugs. (Michael’s House )    Opiate pain medication, Stimulants, and depressants the drugs that fall into these categories causes dopamine levels to increase in the brain.(Michael’s House ). So abusers abuse to reach that high again which causes and addiction and a hold on the person’s life. Opiate based drugs are considered the most addictive prescribed drug. As Michael’s House says, the signs of addiction to prescription drugs is stealing or selling prescription drugs taking more doses, mood swings, increase/decrease in sleeping and being high/energetic. As Michael’s House notice they treat the whole person instead of just focusing on the one issue which is addiction. With treating the whole person they take in account of the persons history with drugs and mental instability.  The environment may be the cause in some case of drug and/or addiction from mental instability. Environmental factors can be from peer pressure, family, community and school says Learn.Genetics. Additional factors are Lack of parental supervision, poor social skills, experimenting with drugs, and availability of drugs at school (Drug Abuse). All of these factors are causes of addiction in some people. Since parental supervision is lacking that person has free space and time to fill with drug experimenting. And if this drug experiment happens while they are younger they are more likely to be addicted to the point they depend on the drug to feel any better.  Teens are most likely to be exposed to drugs and alcohol even if that teen is using. And teens are more vulnerable to addiction because their adolescent brain is not fully developed yet. The risk factor for teen addiction is their peers that’s taking drugs around them. But a teens first exposure to drugs takes place in their homes from their parents practices. Parents mistreatment and traumatic events are leading roles in addiction for young adults. Events that might happen is physical abuse, sexual abuse and a neglectful childhood. In these instances the young adults are 7 times more likely to abuse drugs and/or alcohol by age 12.  The next risk factor for teens is school. says, teens may be at risk for substance use and addiction if they miss out on extracurricular activities (like prom) or if they lack social skills and friends. And since peer pressure happens a lot in high school usually to for a person to fit in with a particular group of people and that group of people may or may not be involved with drugs and alcohol. But as stated schools have offered opportunities for teens to grow academically, socially, and mentally. Some schools have also offered information about drugs and alcohol. The program is called D.A.R.E. which means Drug Abuse Resistance Education. That program is an example of how schools are attempting to educate teens about using drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Sadly it was proven ineffective by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.    In conclusion drugs play a big part in people’s everyday lives. Since The supposed war on drugs is not preventing the consumption of the illegal substances or drug trafficking into the United States. Instead of increasing border security, we should focus on the problems that cause people to use and abuse drugs. The problems that are causing people to abuse drugs are factors in life. The factor are their household, community, schooling environment and peers. These factors are the leading causes of drugs and alcohol abuse in 12 year olds and up. As of today California has legalized marijuana in that state and not people have already began building marijuana gardens because they know the demand is going to increase since the legalization of the drug. Also in California bakeries have begun to put the drug in their items to appeal to the public need. And retail cannabis shops in cali has also opened up for the first time to sell legalized recreational marijuana. On NBC 10, they say the lines in Cali will be long and seemingly endless (NYTimes). As my detail say One of the reasons that we know the war on drugs is not preventing drugs from entering the United States is because drugs are a source of endless funding for sellers. Secondly Drugs will have a long time effect and hold on the American people. And lastly The environment may be the cause in some case of drug and/or addiction from mental instability.


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