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The Handmaid’s Tale is a book by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood Based on a dystopian Ultra-Christian Authoritarian military government that overthrew the American Government. In this country, women are treated as nothing more that someone’s property. The book then threw in the climax and things changed. Resistance was growing and some more characters are introduced.Atwood uses the technique of flashback to make a game with two different stories but with the same character, Offred. The story plays from the beginning with the past and the present of the protagonist, although the past of the character is made known through the reflections that Offred can perform.The work, in itself, can be classified as a “dystopia” (a possible future that portrays a fictitious society undesirable in itself), but also as a way to show the de facto role in many past and current societies, as well as how is the current Western society to it and the fragility of the situation of American women today, so close to that of fiction, which could be equal to it in a short time. In the words of its author, it is “an imaginary account of what happens when certain not infrequent pronouncements about women are taken to their logical conclusions”.It is a new order centered on religious extremism and the use of women as an object whose ultimate goal is to serve society by procreation.But what has led a modern society to become a theocracy where all freedom and the rights of women are suppressed? Sheltered in an Islamic terrorist attack (remember that the novel was published in 1985) a religious extremist group takes power and, together with the serious problems of fertility caused by pollution, an absolute power is established.When Rachel saw that she bore Jacob no children, she envied her sister, and said to Jacob, Give me children, or else I die.And Jacob was angry with Rachel, and said, Am I God, who forbade the fruit of your womb?And she said: Behold, my servant Bilhah; Go to her, and she will give birth on my knees, and I will also have children of her.Genesis, 30: 1-3Defred (we do not know his real name, since a new one is imposed from the name of his master) who puts a voice to the suffering of the Maids, those chosen for their fertility to give birth to the new society. Forced by the Commanders (maximum power in Gilead) to procreate in monthly ceremonies where even the Commander’s wife participates, Defred only has his thoughts as an escape route to his slavery.For that microcosmos that is the house of the Commander (of which we do not find his name) inhabit different characters with a very clear hierarchical positioning in society. The Commander’s wife, Serena Joy, has a relative role as guardian of order, always dressed in blue. The ‘Marthas’, whose mission is to work as maids with their green clothing. And Nick, the black suit driver, who acts at times as the only person Defred could trust.Defred has lost her name, her body and almost the desire to live, but her story of the past and the longing for a time where she decided where she could work, what she could eat or how she could dress and, above all, the longing for her daughter , her husband, her friend, make her strong to overcome the day to day.With a tone sometimes sarcastic, sometimes very melancholic, we find a story with touches of a feminism that vindicates the role of women as equal to men, but that never becomes an instructive pamphlet. It is a story of overcoming, of never giving up, of maintaining hope. It is one more example of how oppressed individuals and peoples have opted to get used to certain situations contrary to their freedom.As in other Atwood novels, his style is direct, without too many frills. We have, of course, descriptions of the environment where the maid lives, but everything is based on a long monologue full of direct phrases, without seeing, for example, a differentiation with scripts between a conversation and a reflection of the Maid. The book is divided into chapters whose title evokes the night, the siesta, a waiting room; they are all moments where the protagonist can think about herself and her situation.The novel is framed in the current novels of anticipation and, as with the work of George Orwell ‘1984’, it seems that the idea that is handled in the book seems so distant, as the author believes:In certain circumstances, anything can happen anywhere’The story of the maid’ has been reissued by Salamandra Ediciones, in an edition in rustic format with very good quality flaps. It has 416 pages and a recommended price of 19 euros, and as a novelty, a new introduction by the author is included in which she reflects on the ideas of the book and on the current political situation. The reissue coincides, as is logical, with the television adaptation carried out by Hulu. It is, perhaps, one of the few occasions in which the adaptation maintains a level of quality comparable to the novel, all this because it has been known to maintain the somber and, at times, terrifying tone that Atwood confers on his novel, united all it to sensational interpretations.Before reading the book I wasn’t very interested and also thought that the book would be overly political about the whole feminist idea. In some ways I was right and There were so many parts of the book which were like so. Yet it was more than that. That political part of the book that I found and predicted, I wasn’t very interested in and it didn’t really appeal to my taste in books. But while I was reading I found that the book is quite interesting. Interesting in the way that some events started happening differently from the rest of the book more interesting events. The climax was a changing point for the book adding to these interesting events that gave me a better view of the book. Overall, the book is too long for what it explains. I’m sure it could in less. But the detailing is appreciated though. It is interesting to a certain point where suspenseful and mystery inducing events happen.


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