The a registered nurse and is accountable for

The health care system is
composed of a multi-disciplinary team that encompasses a broad spectrum of care
with the main goal of rendering a holistic and evidence-based type of care that
promotes safety so that clients attain an optimum level of wellness. Within this
broad horizon of interdependent care, the phenomena of particular concern to
nurses are individual, family, group, and responses to actual or probable
health problems. This essay will give information on the major difference in
the range of practice between a registered and enrolled nurses. In addition,
this essay will also discuss if an action or task is covered within the
coverage area of practice.

A registered nurse is a
member of the health team who is highly trained and equipped with knowledge and
skills necessary to deliver safe and effective care. As mandated health
professionals, registered nurses are answerable and liable to the Nursing and
Midwifery Board of Australia. (, 2017) The
registered nurse displays proficeiency in the supplementation of nursing care
as specified by NMBA standard and codes, educational attainment, and context of
care. The registered nurse functions independently and interdependently,
assuming responsibility and liability for their own actions and delegation of
care to enrolled nurses and other health workers. (, 2017) A nurse
standard of practice is identified by their registration (registered or
enrolled nurse), educational attainment, previous nursing exposure, and individual’s
area of specialization.

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An enrolled nurse is
legitimately required to function under the direct or indirect supervison of a
registered nurse and is accountable for rendering delegated nursing care to
patients within their standards of practice. It has been stated that in the
National competency standards for the enrolled nurse, enrolled nurses must
prudently work under registered nurses direction and supervision. An RN must be
completely aware about the educational background, clinical history, and scope
of practice of the EN. The EN competently works with the registered nurse as
member of the health team and maintains clinical aptitude in the delivery of
patient-centered care. (, 2017) Although ENs work under
the guidance of registered nurses, it is considerably indispensable that ENs
retain liability for his/her action and remains accountable for every delegated
nursing task. Lastly, its in the national standard that ENs perform specific
nursing skills such as the administration of medications whether or not they
have completed the relevant medication administration education units as
required by the NMBA.

The Nursing and Midwifery
Board of Australia (NMBA) publishes national standards for practice for
registered and enrolled nurses. These are the core standards against which a
nurse’s competence to practice is assessed to determine if an activity is
within the scope of practice. One can determine the spectrum of practice in
accordance to the standard/competency of practice published by the NMBA. The
NMBA had legalized 7 standard of practice while 10 for enrolled nurse in order
to preclude role confusion and ambiguity of care being rendered to every
patient in Australia.

To sum up, Nurses exhibit
a multi-faceted approach of care in the health care system. This is to imply
that every member of the health team should be knowledgeable enough of their
regulation standards. So I am of the opinion that every nurses both in
community and hospital settings be aware of the implicated competency standards
that will serve as a basis of nursing care that will lead nurses to achieving
integrated and exemplary nursing service.




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