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The climate of the Republic of Gilead is similar to the climate of America today, specifically for women because of class divisions in regards to gendered financial differences between men and women for equal work, the sexual harassment and sexism women face, and the theocratic tendencies of the current American administration which uses religion as a tool to push restrictions against women which is parallel to what the government of the Republic of Gilead does.Firstly, is the similarity in gendered class divisions within the novel and present-day America. It has been proven through extensive research that women earn less than men for equal amounts of work. For example, it has been over half a century since the Equal Pay Act was passed, yet, women earn seventy-nine cents for every dollar a man earns. Even worse, is the fact that women of colour and women with children are penalized further and as a result, earn even less. A study released last April by the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee found that “A woman working full time, year-round earns $10,800 less per year than a man. Furthermore, the JEC reports, “this disparity can add up to nearly half a million dollars over a career.” In Gilead, the case is more extreme as women do not earn money and rely on men for goods. The similarity between Gilead and present day America lies in the fact that the gendered financial differences between men and women have been going on for over half a century since the Equal Pay Act was passed. This extensive inconvenience for women is very dangerous for America and if it continues, women earning no money similar to Gilead is a very real possibility.Secondly, Gilead and America are similar in terms of sexual harassment and sexism. Studies have shown that women are catcalled on the streets and sexually harassed which is very demeaning and wrong. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a study in 2016 of workplace harassment in the United States, which concluded that “anywhere from 25% to 85% of women report having experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.” Though the EEOC’s number has a large margin of error, its lowest estimate of 25% is still very substantial with one in every four women being harassed which is a cause for great concern. Emily Martin of the National Women’s Law Center explains that “part of what sexual harassment is is an expression of power and expression of hostility.” Furthermore, a study published late last year by the University of Kent found that catcalling women leads to “aggression towards women” and “reduced moral concern for the objectified.” In Gilead, women face sexism regularly and are sexually harassed regularly as well. Every woman must listen to and is controlled by men who are all superior. Women feel outcasted and suffer with mental health issues. Everything looks pleasant for the man while the women do all the dirty work. Handmaids are sex slaves and serve to reproduce. They are dehumanized to a point where they are viewed as simply being ovaries and a womb.Lastly, the theocratic tendencies of the government of Gilead are parallel to the theocratic tendencies of the current American administration. Many executive orders have been passed by the current President to ensure that church and state are closer than ever. For example, the Muslim ban was initially passed to block entry of people of the Muslim faith from seven countries in the world. This was struck down by the courts and the second ban began to be written. The sequel was essentially the same with changes in language so people would stop calling it a Muslim ban. The President then went on the Christian Broadcasting Network and said that Christians would be given priority over Muslims in their entry to the United States. The President also currently has a group of Pastors in the White House who have been accused multiple times of rewording what the Bible says for their own personal benefit and/or personal interest. Similarly in Gilead, the Bible is reworded and interpreted in such a manner which benefits the government. The reworded Bible is used as a propaganda tool to control the women in Gilead and to oppose any uprising and protest. The government uses the religion and picks parts of it that only benefit itself and its agenda. These parts are distributed to the public and the other unfavorable parts are kept from the public eye.In conclusion, the climate for women in present-day America is chillingly similar to the climate for women in the Republic of Gilead. Specifically through the avenues of gendered financial class divisions, sexual harassment and sexism, and theocratic tendencies within government. Gendered financial differences are vast due to sexism towards women, sexual harassment and sexism is very prevalent in both societies, and the Bible is reworded and is used as a tool of propaganda for the purposes of the government and their agenda.


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