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Tamir Rice was 11. Tony Robinson Jr. was 19. Rekia Boyd was 22. Eric Garner was 43. All victims of similar crimes, their lives were derailed by the choices made by police officers. In 2017, 1,147 people were killed by police officers (Mapping Police Violence). Out of all those victims, many people could have been alive if a cop had chosen confrontation over violence. There are countless cases of unnecessary violence committed by police officers. Although the social media world has become more involved in human rights, the Justice System fails to give fair trials when punishing the officers. Therefore, police officers in democratic countries who use unnecessary violence against citizens must be held accountable and judged equally, and openly for their crimes because they are currently given light punishments, their actions harm family members, and because if someone else had committed the crime, they would be given a much harsher punishments.Firstly, officers are currently given light punishments for their actions. Compared to the many deaths caused by cops, not many are actually convicted of a crime. During a 12 year span between 2005 and 2017, only 80 police officers were arrested (Philip Stinson). Bernie Sanders, a U.S senator, believes that “violence and brutality of any kind, particularly at the hands of the police sworn to protect and serve our communities, is unacceptable and must not be tolerated”. Considering the fact that their profession is to protect, they should be punished for doing the exact opposite. Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown, did not face any federal charges for his crime (The Guardian). The evidence proved that Michael, an 18 year old african american male who was a suspect of a robbery, was not armed (Edwards, Sue Bradford and Harris, Duchess, Black Lives Matter, Page 6-17). However, his race and profession being a slight factor of bias, he was not jailed or found guilty. This proves that despite the evidence proving the cop guilty, the justice system is somewhat bias towards the officers, giving them a lighter punishment than what they deserve.Families are severely impacted by the violence caused by the police. Eric Garner, another victim of police brutality, left behind a daughter when he died. Erica Garner created a protest slogan from his last words. Although her life ended abruptly due to a heart attack, she had to live the end of her life mourning the loss of her father. Angella Naggie, mother of O’Shaine Evans, talks about her loss and how it affected her. She wept while speaking of how she missed her son. Police officers are barely punished for their crimes while relatives of the victims have to live their whole life with their loss. Even if the justice systems moves on from different cases, families similar to these can not move on as quick. The ultimate decision made by the judges affect both the officers and the families. The victims’ deaths are exploited all over the media and they have to relive their deaths everyday (Erica Garner). It is difficult for the victim’s families to move on when their loved ones are being portrayed in the media in different ways. Many people have learned how the media isn’t always true and how the truth gets twisted. If officers are not punished properly for the crimes committed by them, families struggle to move on without justice being served for their loved ones. Lastly, it is important to note that any other individual who commits identical crimes, are charged significantly less in terms of punishments . Nowadays, if a police officer fatally shoots somebody, they are most likely not jailed. In many cases, officers are given paid leave, administrative leave, or they get fired. If someone were to commit an identical or similar crime, they would be jailed for murder. According to Duke University, “If a police officers unlawfully harms a citizen, the officer is subject to assault or homicide charges”. Meanwhile “if a citizen unlawfully harms a police officer, the citizen is automatically subject to aggravated assault or aggravated homicide charges” (Duke University). This clearly shows how different the punishments are for a similar crime. The only difference is the person that committed the crime. This is clearly unfair because in the end, someone is being harmed and punishments should be equal.Some people may not agree with certain movements like the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which was made against police killings of african americans. For example, Mike Huckabee, a politician, author, christian minister, and the 44th governor of Arkansas, believes that when he hears people scream “black lives matter”, he agrees that they do but also believes that all lives matter. Although Huckabee’s opinion is correct, caucasians don’t face as many life threatening situations as african americans do. The movement itself is “to highlight that there is demonstrable evidence that black lives matter less than white lives to the criminal justice system” (Jesse Damiani). When someone says that all lives matter in response to someone saying that black lives matter, they are ignoring the fact that all lives don’t matter in the current world that we are living in. The whole campaign speaks for the people who were silenced by racial injustice and it isn’t saying that either race is superior, but instead that we are all equal and deserve to be treated that way. Today, Tamir Rice would be 15, Tony Robinson would be 21, Rekia Boyd would be 28, and Eric Garner would be 47. Blood was spilt and no justice was served. There are countless cases similar to or worse than these. In 2018, there should be no families mourning the loss of their child, parent, sibling, relative, or any loved one who died unjustly due to a police officer. Their stories must be told and by taking action, we can fight for the voices that were silenced by the bullets from a police officer. In conclusion, Police brutality can not be tolerated and officers must be harshly punished for their fatal actions.


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