Systems planning, building, deploying, using, updating, and maintaining

Analysis and Design includes the process of planning, building, deploying,
using, updating, and maintaining an information system.  Systems Analysis and design involves several
different, but related activities.  These
activities include the below mentioned points for planning, analysis, design, implementation,
and maintenance/support:


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Analysis phase involves gathering requirements for the system, business needs
are examined to make business processes more efficient.  This phase is focused on what the system does
as viewed by all stakeholders, and as viable sources of information.  During the analysis phase, a large amount of
time is used communicating with stakeholders and reviewing the stakeholder’s

recognizing the stakeholders then starts the gathering and analysis of the
requirements begin.  Requirement
gathering is related to business needs and/or opportunities.  Requirement analysis includes: the capturing of
requirements- communications with stakeholders on what the requirements are,
and analyzing requirements- which is the using of standard tools to produce a common
baseline of the requirements.  After all the
stakeholders agree on the requirements, the baseline is then created and becomes
a formal requirement source.

the analysis phase, the analyst will work on discovery and fact finding.  The analyst will meet with stakeholders, then
the analyst must meet with all the end users to understand what the needs are
and to discover the problems that affect the current system in order to design
a new and more efficient system.  There
are many activities that must occur inside the analysis phase:  Gathering of information, defining the new
system’s requirements, building prototypes of the new system, prioritize all
the requirements, evaluation of alternatives, and meeting with management to
talk about the new options.


design phase is related to the construction of the system and will include the
design and/or configuration of the network, designing of user interfaces,
designing of system interfaces and security issues.  It is important that the new design be tested
for performance, and to make sure that it will meet the requirements outlined
in the analysis phase.  The main
objective of the design phase is to transform the previously defined
requirements into a complete and detailed set of specifications which will be used
during the next phase.  Activities that
need to take place during this phase are: designing the application, designing
and integration of the network, designing and integration of the database,
creation of a contingency plan, starting a maintenance training and operations
plan, reviewing of the design, articulation of the business processes and
procedures, establishment of a transition strategy, deliver the system design
documents, and review final design.


implementation step requires documentation of the requirements.  Clearly defined objectives are to be
developed from this study for the reason of selecting of the objectives.  Deliverables are required to be documented as
well as the scope along with the assumptions and constraints.  All of the stakeholders should be involved in
the implementation process.  This
information becomes the project charter and the basis for initiating the
project.  The output of each cycle in
this process acts as input to the next cycle. 
This process increases the chances of acceptance of the deliverable.  There are five activities that must be
completed during the implementation phase: 
construction of software components, verifying data, converting data,
training all the end users and documentation of the system, and installing the


the system is in place the final step is maintenance and support.  This phase includes:  Supporting the users through the phone
system, onsite user support, resolving issues that arise with the new system,
and providing supporting materials for all users.



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