Systemic lupus Erythematosus

The causes of lupus are not well known but scientists have attributed these to genes which are yet to be identified. Basically the causes are crossly linked to both genetically and environmental factors. Although lupus tend to run though families it has been proven that heredity alone may not be the cause of the disease researcher have shown beyond reasonable doubts, that these inherited genes needs to be triggered by other Environment factors like UV light of any source, emotional stress medication especially sulfa and tetracycline drugs, both bacterial and viral infection.

Other causes include sex hormones in both male and females namely estrogens and androgens respectively. Predominantly the estrogens hormones which are in high level in females a bigger number of women experience the symptoms of lupus during pregnancy period which is a major cause of many miscarriages and also before menstrual period. This therefore explains the role estrogen in lupus regulation which forms the base of therapeutic treatment with estrogens. In males the present of the disease is attributed to low level of androgens. (Aladjem . H 1999) The symptoms do vary with the various forms of lupus.

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Systemic lupus Erythematosus mostly affect the major body organs systems. Symptoms such as the memory loss, headache, stroke and confusion may be as a result of infection of the brain and the nervous system. Pulmonary hypertension may be due to increased blood pressure in the lungs causing chest pain and cough; heart attack may result from the inflammation of the heart valves and the hardening of the coronary arteries. High fever, behavior changes seizures and even coma may be as a result of inflammation of the blood vessels supplying blood and oxygen to the brain.

Lupus nephritis affect the overall filtrations process of the waste from the body leading to fluid retention and protenuria this can be corrected by either dialysis or kidney transplantation. Cutaneous lupus manifest itself as skin rashes and lesions as a result of impaired blood supply causing injuries to the nerve which may be predominantly on the areas exposure to sun light mainly the nose bridge and the nose and not limited to the vagina mouth and joints. And sometimes the hair may lose it color.

Drug-induced lupus cause by certain drugs most common are the hydralazine, procainamide and isoniazid which is more prevalent in males. In this case not every body who take the drug succumbs to the conditions. Induced symptoms ceases with the withdrawal of the medication. Neonatal lupus is a rare condition which occurs to child born of mother suffering from lupus. In this case antibodies from the mother attack the unborn in the womb. The infant may be born with skin rashes, low blood cell count and liver problem, but the symptoms disappear after sometimes when the child develop it own immune system (Wallace 2005).

Diagnosis of lupus is very hard to ascertain because it tend to imitate many contriving conditions according to (Carol & Eustice 2006). The doctor may opt to incorporate both the laboratory test and physical symptoms. The patient information is very vital on whether he can be able to trace his family tree, symptoms descriptions. When the doctor is strongly convinced the patient is send for X-ray test if she presents symptoms suggesting lung inflammation. Laboratory test may be done on blood and synovial fluid on kidney and joints infection respectively.

Finally the doctor makes judgments based on medical history, routine laboratory test and the result of immune system status. The intrigues surrounding this condition are numerous. There is an urgent need to move very fast to address this issue. For the journey have just began I wish to call upon all stakeholders to join me in the battle field of laying out all the facts about this dangerous condition. References Aladjem Henrietta (1999) The challenges of lupus: Insight and hope 4th edition, Avery publishing group. New York.

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