Sustainable forest management with regard to the special

Sustainable forest
management is described, in theory and in practice, particularly in the areas
where the  forest resources have been
harmed truly for financial advancement. It is a branch of forestry concerned about general administrative,
monetary, and social angles, and in addition logical viewpoints, for example,
silviculture, security, and timberland control.The paper analyses the steps for
sustainable forest management with regard to the special natural and economic
conditions of Europe.

European forests
provide many services to society, ranging from recreation to habitat functions,
the regulation of water, erosion, and air quality, and the provisioning of wood
products like timber and biomass for bioenergy. Historically, European
woods have been figured out how to build the output of a specific
administration, frequently the estimation of timber.

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reality as we know it where the developing interest for wood based items will
probably exceed supply, the customary increment in the European Union’s forest
assets places it in a favorable circumstance.

 Loss of biodiversity appears to impact
ecosystems as much as climate change and other major forms of environmental
stress such as loss of land cover, and biological diversity,
causing a rapid loss of ecosystems and extinctions of species and local

 Management is the key
to preserving the health and productive capacity of forests as well as to
maintaining their social, environmental and economic functions.

Managers should plant species that tolerate a variety of
climates, such as those that can grow over a range of latitudes and altitudes
and also should recognizes the importance of valuing ecosystem by marketing the
benefits.Future forestry management practices will need to be based on promoting
carbon storage like resilient species and consider renewable energy. These
include tree condition and identification of risks from pests, the sustainable
provision of timber and wood fuel, evaluation of forest biodiversity,
adaptation of forests to climate change and the protection and enhancement of
forests as carbon sinks.

The concept of remuneration of ecosystem services has been
gaining popularity as a means to protect forests  from disturbances and to ensure that humans
continue to receive benefits for services provided by their forests.


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