SUMMARIES their celebration of their launch, Engen offers

SUMMARIES OF ARTICLES:Petrol pumps run dry in South Africa.  Due to insufficient promotions and acceptable wages, around 15 000  workers of the petrochemical and other sectors began to strike. This affected many of the petroleum businesses including BP and Total along with many others in Pretoria and Centurion. Due to insufficient workers along with insufficient safe transport of petrol, these businesses have run dry and were forced to close down the station. This causes lots of financial loss as the businesses are forced to decline many consumers, thus preventing the main aim of a business, profit. Burger King follows trend to team up with Sasol. Burger King collaborates with Sasol. This is hugely beneficial for both parties as it increases the sales, leaves a better mark on the country as well as allows the petrol stations to differentiate themselves and benefit from the collaborators brand. Saslo is not the first fuel station to collaborate with retailers, there more like: Engen and Woolworths as well as BP and Pick n Pay as well as Shell and Steers and lastly Caltex and Fruit and Veg City.  This increased the competition between the food retailers as well as the petroleum businesses.  This is beneficial as consumers go to one place for example to get petrol and at the same time see that there is a food retailer and as a result buy from there as well or vice versa. Therefore increasing both sales and profits. Engen launches PETRONA Durance car-grooming products,  PETRONA Durance is a new car-grooming product that selected Engen service stations to use. It promises premium-range cleaning care for cars. It is inspired by the famous Formula 1. This product is for cleaning, waxing and polishing the car. For their celebration of their launch, Engen offers consumers with a free car wash. This is an excellent way for Engen to advertise and to get the community aware and give the knowledge about the product so they can come again for the service. They also give giveaways as well as product demos, workshops, entertainment to get their community awareness and to increase their consumers and thus profit. Shell launches Dynaflex technology in South Africa.  Dynaflex technology is a new cleaning agent that is added to the V-Power 50 ppm, that not only enhances the performance of the car but protects against the deposits to continue the engine efficiency. There are different products for both petrol and Diesel cars.  These new innovative product promises increase the load pulling power as well as the torque of the car and also promise to give consumers a longer lasting engine with less operating cost. This product is a way of advertising for Shell to attract for consumers as they found the need for them, thus created the product to make their communities engine supposedly last longer. The attraction draws in more consumers and therefore increases the protists. Expect big fuel price increase- the economist- Due to the increase of global crude oil price and the weak exchange rates, the prices of gasoline increase by 71.9 cents and diesel increase 61.1 cents per litre. Central Energy Fund said this will impact the consumers majorly as the increase of prices can impact the amount of fuel that some people can receive in their budgets and as a result that can affect the number and the distance of places they can go. This also goes hand in hand with the petroleum companies as this affects the number of clients as it may decrease with the increase of prices, as well as the amount of money given therefor can detriment the profits at the end of the month. First look at Shell’s new electric car charging station being deployed at its gas stations.Shell is starting to add electric car charging areas in stations in Britain and Netherlands. This is a huge step as it promotes eco- friendly ways of living as the electric charging system is much eco-friendly than the petrol. They also show their versatility as they adapted to the new electric cars and met the needs of the consumers and thus have the stations.  These charging stations are fast charging and the prices are only 0.34 USD (R4.08). They are hoping to expand these electric stations all over the UK.  Summary of my points and argument.Competitive environment Petroleum businesses are highly competitive. They use subtle, clever and innovative ways to attract consumers into their business, instead of their competitors. The reason is for the petroleum business to get the maximum profits, it needs to get the maximum customers. To attract these consumers and grow their community they have to come up with ways to stay up to date with the changes happening as well as continually meet their needs.  There are some competition  trends that can be seen with these businesses, such as: collaborating with food retailers, to increase the number of consumers for both businesses as if someone comes in one business they automatically see the other business and maybe buy fro there too thus increasing both sales and profits;competitive placing this is crucial for the business as if the station is in a busy and a popular road, they have a much higher chance of more people to come in their business to receive their service; launching innovative products, this increases the awareness and the knowledge of the consumers about that business thus creating a better brand as a result more consumers come to that business as it offers more and meets all the  customers needs;  staff motivation, this causes competition as better staff motivation in the business, the better the customer service and the more consumers the business shall receive as well as the staff are content and happy to work, preventing strike and chaos. The last trend is keeping up with the developing world, that creates competition within the businesses as they all want to keep up and be the first to start a new system. Also, this is a competition as the petroleum businesses do not want to be a dead business in the future due to the non-eco-friendly petrol as the future is aiming to be eco-friendly      Dynamic environment Concurrently, the petroleum business environments are dynamic and unexpected changes can happen at any time for the better or for  worse, like launching a new product, this benefits the business largely as it creates awareness and interest within the community thus creating a bigger consumer group thus increasing the profits; collaborating with a retailer, this is beneficial for both parties and creates a symbiotic relationship, as they both help each other to attract and to have more consumers and larger sales and profit; the eco-friendly way to meet the consumers need, this is beneficial as it creates a larger customer community as it makes the consumer feel as of they are making a difference and helping the ecosystem, it also advertises the future as it brands the company as an eco-friendly company attracting many consumers ; a sudden increase in fuel price, this is detrimental to the company as it may affect the number of consumers as the money can become too expensive, the happiness of the consumers as the consumers would pay the same amount as before the increase for much less product making customers unhappy with company;the strike of the employees this is created with the unhappiness and unmotivated employees this can be detrimental as it may force the business to go in a shut down due to the unsafe environment, it can force the business to go in a shut down for the lack of petrol left. This business environment ensures the businesses are versatile  and they change with the changes in the world or the community, flexible to be open for new ways of selling a service and  solve problems promptly to create less issues for the business and to prevent any more inconvenience for the business as well as meeting the demands of the consumers with making new products or having new systems , thus ensuring their progress and improvement.        Analysis of articles Competitive environment:Competitive environment:There are many factors that make the petroleum business competitive. One of them being the collaboration the petrol stations with the food retailers. According to the article Burger King follows trend to team up with Sasol, many petrol stations team up with food retailers like Engen with Woolworths, BP with Pick n Pay, Shell with Steers and lastly Caltex with Fruit and Veg City. This is a representation of a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit from each other, as when consumers come for one business such as for petrol, they automatically see and find an urge to buy something to eat or groceries at the same time from the food retailer. This increases both the petrol station and the food retailer’s sales. Thus increasing their profits. As said in this article, it gives the food retailer a better “footprint”  in South Africa, as well as gives the petrol station a better way to differentiate themselves and consequently increase the competition to ensure they receive a growing number of consumers as a result. The petrol station also benefits from the brand of the food retailer, this can happen as the food retailer can promote and advertise the petrol station or it can be an already popular Brand on its own and thus attract their consumers to the station. As said by this article, BP is planning to increase amounts of Pick n Pay stores to 120 by 2018.  The Shell Ultra City brand has 29 Steers and Engen has 45 Woolworths at their service stations. This increase of stations along with stores increase not only their profit but the knowledge and awareness of the community to that company, making it popular and thus increasing the competition. This also shows another way that competitive environments are created, the desire to increase numbers of both petrol station and food franchise, just like the goal of BP and Pick n Pay, resulting to a threat to other partnerships forcing them to also expand.  Another factor in a competitive environment is competitive placing. As seen in the article, Burger King follows trend to team up with Saslo,  the Shell Ultra City brand is situated on major roads in South Africa.  This causes competition, as more citizens drive on the major roads and hence pass by the petrol station, creating a huge advantage to Shell as the possibility of them using their station, is incredibly high. The placing is also very important as it is the stations are continually advertising their company with their logos, and promoting their business and increasing the knowledge of the community about their business. The reason for this competitive placing is to continuously grow their profit. Placing on major roads or next to a large land popular complex is advantageous as when the people are in traffic or just driving past, they get aware of the station and thus increasing the chance of going there for a refill and service.  An additional factor to a competitive environment is launching new products. According to Engen launches PETRONAS Durance car-grooming products, PETRONAS Durance is a brand new range of car cleaning product inspired by the famous Formula 1, this product is for cleaning, waxing as well as polishing the car’s interior and exterior. This produced launched around December of 2017. Similar to that, according to Shell launches Dynaflex technology in South Africa, Shell also launched a product called Dyflex technology cleaning agent. It is created to enhance the car’s performance and protect against deposits to conserve engine efficiency. There is a product for both petrol and diesel cars.  This product was launched in July 2017. This proves the competitive environment, the need to keep up with all the other stations to ensure the company is up to date, and that the company also attracts and promotes themselves to ensure that consumers are aware and of their services. The fact that both companies launched a new product to attract consumers to their brand, both in the same year and both 5 months apart. This shows how tight competition is within these companies and how innovative, clever and subtle they need to be to attract their customers as well as meeting their needs. We have also seen in this article Engen is gifting people with a complimentary wash with their new product, this is to attract and inform customers, as well as advertising both themselves as well as their product. The complementary wash ensures that consumers are aware and increases the chances of them coming back for more of the same service. The last trend in the competitive environment is keeping up with the world development. As seen in the article, First look at Shell’s new electric car charging station being deployed at its gas stations.  , we can see that Shell is making a new charging section in the station for electric cars. This is fast charging, thus does not take much time. There are many different competitive environments here; firstly, it is the realisation that the world is changing thus the other stations need to also introduce this system to ensure that they also receive maximum consumer.  Therefore the petroleum business competition increases. secondly, Shell is then thinking futuristic ways, as one would predict the future to have more energy saving and eco-friendly methods, and using electric charging areas to charge the cars is much better for the environment that fuel. This also creates a better brand for Shell as it promotes and advertises themselves as eco-friendly, thus attracting more consumers. And lastly, it is the competition between the first and second world countries. This new system is in England and Netherlands only. In  South Africa, although we do have the Shell company, we yet to have the electric charging system. As this is what differentiates first world and second world. And thus the need for petroleum businesses to keep up with the first world ideas and systems also increases.  All in all, we can clearly see the trends and ways that the petroleum businesses compete with each other, and thus create a competitive environment.        Dynamic environmentThere are many changes that happen in the petroleum businesses. These changes can influence the business positively or negatively. Some changes in a positive dynamic environment are like, according to Burger King follows trend to team up with Sasol, the partnership of the two different businesses. Such as the partnership between Engen with Woolworths or BP and Pick n Pay. That enforces a change for the better as the article said, it increases both parties sales. Thus increases both parties profit. Due to the symbiotic relationship between these two companies, the positive changes are great. They help each other attract consumers, they use each other’s brands, and they advertise and promote each other.  The effect of them being at the same place offers a consumer to use both companies instead of one thus increasing their profit. Therefore creating a positive change within the petroleum business’ environment. Also, the expansion of the businesses as said by the article that Pick n Pay along with BP shall open 120 stores by 5 years. This also promotes a positive change within the business environment. As it gets the people aware and informed about these businesses. The increase of the petroleum businesses also offers more popularity in the community and therefore attracts more consumers to that company instead of their competitors. Therefore enforcing a positive change.  Another positive dynamic environment is the launching of products within the company. According to  Engen launches PETRONAS Durance car-grooming products, as well as Shell launches Dynaflex technology in South Africa, Engen launched a new product a car-grooming product that cleans the car in a premium rage. It is a product that cleans, waxes as well as polishes the internal and external part of the car. They also give customers complimentary wash with these products to inform and attract them to guarantee their success as consumers will want more and come back for this service. The complementary wash then acts as a promotion and advertising for both the product as well as for Engen. this promotes a positive change within the company. Simultaneously Shell also launched a product to clean and enhance the performance of the car engine, called Dynaflex technology. This product is for both petrol as well as diesel cars, it is added to the 50 ppm to benefit the car. This also guarantees a successful and positive dynamic environment. As it attracts more consumers and thus more profit within the company.  According to the article, First look at Shell’s new electric car charging station being deployed at its gas stations.  Shell started a system whereby they use electric charging stations to charge the electric cars, this has started in the UK as well as the Netherlands. This is benefiting the company drastically for many reasons; one being that the change of going eco-friendly may attract many supporters thus increasing the consumers hence increasing their profit. This change benefits them as they can advertise and promote their Brand as eco-friendly and that they care about the environment and thus want the future to be greener, thus increasing their consumers, thus profit. It also changes their environment positively as they now have new consumers that are loyal to them as no other company yet made electric charging areas. They also benefit as they can have solar systems in place that can charge the cars thus they can have 100% profit. Furthermore on how this is a positive change is that one would think that due to the future going greener the petrol stations would die out as they use fuel, however, due to this system Shell proved that their future is bright as long-lived due to them keeping up with the world changing.  However, there are some negative dynamic environments. Such as the article Expect big fuel prices increase- economist suggested the price of gasoline 93 increase by 71.9 cents as well as the price of diesel with 0.005% sulphur increase by another 61.1 cents. This is detrimental to the companies as many consumers may struggle with the increase in fuel prices and therefore the company experiences some decrease within their consumers. The increase may also create unhappiness within the consumers as the consumers pay the same budgeted amount but receive less product. This unexpected event can cause many negative changes in the environments of the petroleum businesses as they may lose many consumers as well as maybe have a financial loss at the end of the month. And lastly, according to the article, Petrol Pumps run dry in South Africa,  around 15 000 workers within the petrochemical and other sectors began to strike, and due to insufficient employees as well as safe transport the petroleum companies including PB and Total had to close down to due the fact that they had no petrol or diesel left. This dynamic environment created significant negative effects to these businesses and much more in Pretoria as well as Centurion.  Due to the running out of fuel, the company is expected to have gone in a loss as they did not receive the profit that they could have had if they did run. This also gave a negative impression on these petroleum companies’ brands. As the consumers can conclude that the employees are not being paid to their desire amounts, they can decline their service as a sort of strike thus creating more chaos and loss within the business. The staff motivation is extremely important in the petroleum businesses as it provides the consumers with great customer service, it also guarantees happy employees that are able to stay in for long hours due to the fact that petrol station run 24 hours. And mostly it prevents a strike and disruption within the company, hence why the strike of employees caused such a negative dynamic environment within the company. All in all,  the petroleum business environment can be extremely competitive and dynamic. However, these environments secure a determined, flexible, sufficient businesses that we know and use today.


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