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suffer the consent controversy due to the prevalence of alcohol, drugs and other social factors that sustain the impression of willful consent by the victim compared to cases of sexual assault and rape involving complete strangers. The contribution of factors such as drugs and alcohol, gender stereotypes, and cultural artifacts like novels and films have clouded perceptions of non-consensual sex by nurturing the impression that non-consensual behaviors such as overtly saying no or resisting sexual advances represent aggressive foreplay by the victims (Oliver, 2015). This is often the case with intoxicated perpetrators. In the Kinsman case, Winston’s friend Ronald Darby reportedly informed him that Kinsman was telling him to stop but he continued to rape her repeatedly before redressing her and offering her a ride home on his scooter at 3 o’clock in the morning. The fact he redressed her and dropped her off undermines the non-consensual argument in her case as noted in the fact that law enforcement agencies accepted Winston’s description of their sexual interaction as consensual (Hanshaw, 2016).Contemporary fashion trends are also an emerging cause of sexual assault and rape in college campuses due to the perceived sexual invitation perpetrators draw for the sensual nature of the outfits women wear to social events including one-on-one dates. According to Abbey (2002), an estimated 90% of sexual assaults reported by women involved someone they knew and half these cases occurred during dates. Their outfits are sometimes cited as contributing factors in the misconceived sexual invitation perpetrators draw prior to forcing their sexual desires onto their victims (Carey, n.d.). Coupled by the fact that most incidents of sexual assault and rape on college campuses occur in the first few weeks of freshman and sophomore years, the inherent desire to create a lasting early impression among one’s peers compels young college women to don the most memorable outfits to parties and other social events (Sampson, 2003)


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