Space still to rise in the near future

Space exploration is the ongoing discovery and the exploration of various celestial
bodies in outer space. The exploration has been evolving continuously with the growing
space technology. The study of space is carried out by astronomers who use telescopes. The
space exploration has now evolved to the use robots in the exploration process, satellites and
other important innovations. This paper will seek to highlight the various innovations have
been made in the space technology, highlight their importance and also seek to enquire
whether the technology is important to humans or not.
Thesis statement
The United government has funded several space expeditions. All these expeditions
have come with heavy costs toll on the taxpayers. NASA has come up with the latest budget
of about $17.5 billions to invest in new space technologies. It is interesting to highlight the
importance that has been brought about by all this costly investment.
Space exploration is of extreme importance, not only for the discovery of the celestial
bodies but also for improvement of life on earth (Bell 314-315). Firstly, the process is
important in mining of space resources for industrial raw materials. Life on earth has been
powered by the resources that are found on and in the earth. Such recourses include minerals
such as gold, iron and nickel. Water is also found in the earth and stored within the rocks.
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(Bell 314-315) conclude that earth being one of the many planets in space; it is assumed that
there are other planets out there are more endowed with resources such as rocks found on
Mars, Jupiter and Venus. These planets are believed to have feldspars and metals such as
magnesium and aluminum. Jupiter is covered by helium, hydrogen, and water. (Bell 314-
315) confirm that Mars has a lot of water, which can be exploited for human use. All these
resources have immense industrial potential. They have important use on earth when proper
means of extraction has been devised. This keeps man on the hunt for space resources. (Tally,
2017) state that humans are also keen on exploitation for possibility of life in other planets.
The human population is currently standing at 7 billion people. This number is still to rise in
the near future due to the high rate of population growth rates in many countries in the world.
(Tally, 2017) highlights a number of factors to have caused the scenario. Some of the causes
are often religious practices such as following god’s commands to fill the world, belief in
polygamy and even beliefs that many children are blessings from God. Moreover there are
better heath services, better food, well informed population; which prolong lives for many
people. These factors have compounded to cause the sharp rise on the planed. Man is now
exploring for some new living space in other planets in the other planets in order to settle the
excess population.
There is also promotion of education content in science. Since the first exploration
into space in the year 1957, numerous discoveries have been made about the space. The
knowledge concerning the space was little known of or was completely unknown to man.
Since then, the various wonders of the space have made man more curious to seek more
knowledge concerning space activities. The new knowledge made its way into the books and
learning content in schools. The quest for more knowledge has always sent explorers back in
space. Explorers are always hunting for more knowledge to be learnt and included in the
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current school curriculum. The knowledge is able to tell more about the composition of the
solar system, the nature of movements in the space and eventually enhance the understanding
of the entire universe.
Technological advancement has also had its hand in encouraging explorers. (Bell 314-
315) highlights the massive use of technology now with modern robots being used to exploit
the space. Currently, there I deep pace exploration by use of space crafts, space stations and
satellites. The space infrastructure and support the various activities that run in the space.
These are just the few ways in which technology has led to a successful exploration of the
space. Apart from these milestones, there are also other advancements which proved to be of
great importance to life on earth. There are a number of other benefits which have trickled
down to people who live on earth as a result of space technologies by NASA. (Bell 314-315)
takes note of the successful innovation in space which have been translated to earth for use.
The utilization of these technological achievements by space explorers have made the
customization and utilization of the same for life on earth. There are keyless cars thanks to
the technology used to ignite engines in spacecrafts. More so, the technology used controlling
space crafts have been utilized to make driverless cars which are very soon hitting the road.
Cars will now be able to be controlled remotely from one destination to another. There have
also been interventions in food preservation industry. Space food preservation mechanism
was utilized on earth to come up with effective packaging for food which proved to be
resistant against any physical and chemical contamination. The packages are used to preserve
food that is exported to other countries or even consumed within the country. The technology
has further been used to come up with UV-reflecting lenses that help to protect the eyes.
Another very important application of the space technology was the manufacturing of fire
fighting suits. These suits were created after NASA came up with clothes that were used to
shield protect the astronauts from the strong heat of the sun in space. All these notable
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inventions came into place as a result of the various advancements that were made in the
space technology.
In conclusion, space exploration has been important to the humans. There is a better
understanding of what it contains, the various components of the space and hoe the celestial
bodies move within the space. The exploration has given birth to many inventions which
have been of great help to life on earth. Some of the inventions that came into being from
space technology include driverless cars, keyless cars, food packaging materials and the
introduction of sunlight (UV) prevention glasses. Moreover, there are a number of daily
activities on earth which are heavy dependants on the structures that have been put in place
by space explorers. Examples of such include satellite imaging and weather focusing. These
activities would be impossible without the space exploration structures in place. The
explorations have also unveiled the mystery in the composition of the universe. We now
know what is found in the universe, how the various objects move in the universe and the
manner in which celestial bodies have been arranged within the universe.  


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