Sonny with a mixture of chemicals that causes

Sonny – Sonny, or Homer Hickam Jr. is the main character in the story. He lives in the mining town Coalwood West Virginia. His father is in charge of the mine but Sonny has different dreams. Sputnik just launched and Sonny wanted to work on Rockets along with Dr. Wernher von Braun down in Florida. He went on trips to find people that would machine metal or give him materials for rocket fuel. Quentin – Quentin is very smart and is a bit too arrogant about it. He is socially awkward and does make many friends. Sonny met him and knew he was smart so he could contribute to the rocket. Quentin helped Sonny with learning and trigonometry to find the rocket trajectory. Quentin also helped find proportions and materials for new rocket fuel.Sonny’s Father – Homer Hickam Senior is Sonny’s father, he works in the mine of Coalwood and that is almost all he cares about, besides football. Homer cares all about the mine and when he is upset, he will go over to the mine to stay away from his family. Homer cares about his son, Jim but not Sonny. Homer disapproves of nearly every action Sonny does and constantly gets upset about the rocket launches near Coalwood. Eventually, he gives Sonny a piece of land for their rocket building and testing that he names Cape Coalwood.Jake Mosby – Sonny met Jake Mosby while delivering newspapers. At the time, Mosby was drunk and unable to function so Sonny helped him. Mosby’s father owns a large portion of the company that owns the Coalwood mine. Mosby fought in Vietnam and is constantly going around looking for women. Mosby really helps the boys by introducing them to the telescope he has. The boys looked and saw Jupiter and other planets. Mosby also gave Sonny a trigonometry book for the rockets.Miss Riley – Miss Riley was Sonny’s chemistry teacher. She had a passion for learning and Sonny said he was comfortable talking with her. One day, Miss Riley takes the class out for an experiment with a mixture of chemicals that causes a very big reaction. Sonny and his friends try to recreate the mixture and use it in the rocket, but it melts the nozzle because of the heat and intensity of the mixture. When the mixture burns, it smells sweet and the boys name it Rocket Candy.John Dubonnet – Mr. Dubonnet is the representative of the Coalwood Miners Union. Homer Sr does to not like Mr. Dubonnet and tries to keep Sonny away from him. Mr. Dubonnet has come to Sonny’s house to speak to Homer Sr about “coming to his senses” and getting into a big argument. Mr. Dubonnet has always supported Sonny with his rockets and was one of the first people that showed up to Sonny’s rocket launches.Sonny’s Mother – Elsie Lavender Hickam is Sonny’s mother, she disapproves of the mine and always wants to go somewhere else. She supports Sonny’s smart thinking and rocket building, do a degree. She will get upset at Sonny for doing things that might get him killed. Ms. Hickam tries to keep Sonny away from the mine and when she found out that Sonny’s father took him in the mine, she was furious. She said that she would kill him if she ever saw him in the mine again.Dr. Wernher von Braun – Wernher von Braun worked for Hitler and worked on deadly missiles during the third Reich that caused massive destruction on London. He then became loyal to the US after the Third Reich fell. He works on missiles and Sonny dreams to be him or on his team. Homer Sr. disapproves of Dr. Braun and gets mad at Sonny for even mentioning his name.


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