Some in the USA have a powerful significance

Some cultural and social factors play a primary role in what
causes and treats a mental disorder. Although there is no exact cause to a mental
disorder there are many combinations of factors that can become a mental
illness. The treatment may also be different depending on who the person is and
what they believe in. Therefore, it is no surprise that culture has a major
impact on a person’s mental health. How a person is viewed, identified, and treated
is a cultural factor of how a mental illness is treated.  “A mental disorder
is a group of emotional, cognitive, or behavioral symptoms that cause distress
or significant problems” (Kearney & Trull 2018). There are many things that
can trigger distress that can lead to major problems like depression.

In a traditional society like the
United states, distress can be an indicator of a life problem a person may need
to address. It is treated with antidepressants or control by counseling. In
other places the disorder of depression is uncommonly diagnosed and can also be
a taboo. It is very taboo in some places that when the word is mentioned people
do not know what it is (Levine 2017). According to the American psychiatric association
the symptoms of depression include, feeling sad, fatigue, headache, etc. In places
were depression is a taboo, people treat each symptom as its own (Parekh 2017).
In non-traditional places the perception of health issues has different aspects
of mental disorders. One thing most countries have in common is they all lack
supporting those who suffer from a mental disorder. There are places that do
not consider some mental disorders as a problem. Some countries treat mental
disorders physically and others with rituals. In today’s society, mental
disorders are taken more serious by not only the Unites States but by other countries.

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Diversity has spread around the world
and has made the nation vigorous with open ideas, perceptions and advancements.
The different races we have here in the USA have a powerful significance for
minority groups and for society as a whole (Kearney & Tull 2018). Some
causes of mental disorders are where someone lives and their living conditions.
Another factor is the employment of an individual can contribute to stress and
can lead to a mental disorder (Laylard 2005). Many people do not have a
complete family or maybe they do but they are not providing support. Family is
something I feel is a major cause of mental disorders. Family support is the
number one thing some individuals need when they are feeling different.  If a person does not have a functional family
or has a social or cultural expectation of other family they may be
unsatisfied. Social and cultural factors to a mental disorder change because people
familiarize themselves with different races every day.



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