Some a great passion for flora and fauna

Some of the Facts That You Should Know About Kruger National Park in South AfricaThere is no doubt that most people have a great passion for flora and fauna which explains the reason why they like touring national parks when they are on vacation. If you are an enthusiast of exploring the different animals and plants that are on the earth then, you should think of visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa. The park has all the things that you will need to feel that your holiday was one of a kind. The park has existed for so many years which makes it one of the oldest and also most expansive national park not only in South Africa but also in the continent. The article will provide a run-down of some of the facts you should know about Kruger National Park in South Africa.You should not worry about the accommodation when you are in this national park since it has multiple camping sites and lodges. The national parks host more than 25 rest camps which are equipped with cottages, bungalows, tents, and huts. The rainy and dry seasons are the two weather seasons that are experienced in Kruger National Park. The rainy season is usually warm, and it starts on October and concluding on March. It is through the summer rains that the place is transformed into a paradise with a lot of flowers and green plants.  It thus offers the tourists the chance to take spectacular photographs inside this great national park. If you are asking for the most suitable season to visit the park, then it would be around August and September since the water is constrained in the rivers.When you are thinking about seeing numerous animals and plants, then the park offers you a wide range of these things where it hosts species of 49 fish, 114 reptiles, 147 mammals, 507 birds, 34 amphibians, and 336 trees. Also, the park is very spacious where it lies on 20000 square kilometers piece of land. It thus means that you can navigate the whole park in one day and thus you can spend a couple of days in the park enjoying beautiful scenery every day. Some of the things that have attracted numerous people in Kruger include; the big five, the big five trees, the six big birds, Africa’s small five, Africa’s elusive eleven, Pafuri and Mlondozi, Cultural features, Africa’s super seven, and Sunset dam. It for the things that are listed in this article that should give you a motivation to visit this park which prides itself as the best in Africa. 


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