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Social media has become an integral part of many of our lives. In our generation today, it’s hard to even name someone who doesn’t have a social media account. We use it everyday to post our “status”, or interests, or our day to day lives. Today, let’s talk about Instagram.First off all, what is Instagram? It’s a social media platform geared towards more visual content. Many artists even use this platform as their portfolio because of the ease of access and the user-friendliness of the platform. Also, one important thing to mention – the platform is MEANT to be a mobile social media platform. Yes, mobile. While it does have functionality when using it on a Mac or PC, you can’t use most of the platform’s features like uploading.So, why use instagram?It is limited to mobile which seems like a downside but it’s actually not. Around 70% of people in the US are consumers using their smartphones. That basically means, seven out of ten people are probably using their phone to consume their social media updates. In April of 2017, Instagram announced a huge 700 Million active monthly users. Having an audience that big will definitely gain you a huge following if done right.While the social platform is geared to a more visual style of media, don’t let that limit you. There are a ton of ways where you can incorporate their theme to your business and if done correctly, you’ll grow your business even more in just a few days because of the nature of this incredible social media platform.HashtagsSome of you might not know but Instagram was one of the first social media platforms to use the Hashtag (#) system. #ootd, #yolo, and #instagood are just a few of the popular trending “Hashtags” you can find on the platform. What makes Instagram unique is that when you upload a photo and add a certain hashtag, let’s say for example, #foodie, ALL and I mean ALL photos with that hashtag are grouped together so it won’t matter if you’re a seasoned hashtag-er or new on the platform, YOU WILL BE DISCOVERED given that your content looks great of course.Make Your Photos PopThis is basically the essence of Instagram. You have to upload gorgeous high quality photos that attract people so they follow your page… and it isn’t actually that hard. Today, we have higher quality smartphones and tablets that can take beautiful pictures easily. Plus, Instagram has a particular feature that helps you make that already-beautiful photo and turn it into an eye-catching masterpiece in just a few taps. Filters! These “Filters” edit your picture and add various effects to it that make it look even better – and like I mentioned, you just tap the filter on the app and it’s done! Upload your gorgeous photo and watch your business get noticed!ConclusionBased on all that information, I think it’s safe to say that any business looking to expand should at least check out this social media platform. Also, Instagram has a native compatibility with Facebook since they are now owned by Facebook. So, If you are currently looking for a new platform to expand on, try Instagram.


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