Significantly lower pregnancy

European countries, excluding England, have a significantly lower pregnancy rate as compared to the United States because they follow the behaviorist approach to this social problem. Using this approach, the youth of these countries are taught of three values, namely rights, respect and responsibility, which are recognized and supported by government and non-government agencies.

The three values simply could be equate to the principle that the government and the society respect the rights of every individual in acting responsibly and that resources will also be given in order to prevent teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The youth is also educated on the risk of being infected with HIV, especially when individuals are uninformed of its mode of transmission and the consequences of the infection. The European society is therefore open with the concept of sexuality, including that among teenagers.

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In addition, the European government is supportive in disseminating information of sexual health and other related health services. The United States, on the other hand, follows a humanist approach to sexual health among teenagers, wherein the proper behavioral patterns are expected of these young individuals. Given this approach, teenagers feel repressed and find pleasure in going against the expectations of society. In addition, the government also follows the humanist approach, wherein resources in preventing pregnancies are not allowed, including abortion.

There has been much debate the regulation of abortion in the United States Senate, wherein Republicans supports the bill that would consider transporting minors across state lines in order to receive abortive procedures. The Democrats, on the other hand, are amenable to fund specific programs that would assist pregnant teenagers to terminate their pregnancies. One suggestion for the Republicans would be to reconsider the social problem of teenage pregnancy and that there is a need to educate the youth at an early age in order to prevent future pregnancies.

It may also be helpful if the Democrats would instead fund programs that would also educate the youth on teenage pregnancies and its related health problems. 2. The psychotherapeutic approach would work best with a person suffering from a multiple personality disorder because this umbrella of techniques involves the personal interaction of the patient with a psychotherapist. It should be understood that the aims of the psychotherapeutic approach is to increase the patient’s awareness and understanding of his current condition.

It has been observed that the most effective way for an individual to change his behavior, especially when it is classified as a mental illness, is to accept this condition and that there is a need to intervene in order for him to get better. In addition, the patient also needs to understand that his current condition may affect his health and his relationships with his family and co-workers. There are a number of techniques that could be employed for psychotherapy.

One of the most recognized techniques is behavior therapy, which technically involves changing the maladaptive behavior that is frequently performed by the patient. Another psychotherapeutic technique is psychoanalysis, which involves the personal interaction of the patient with his psychotherapist and expressing his innermost concerns and fears. 3. A terrorist mentality becomes increasingly extreme among people who interact without outside moderating influences because his beliefs and principles are magnified without knowing its impact on the other individuals in his environment.

The mentality of a terrorist is therefore shut and impermeable to the inputs of his environment and thus he is unaware that his plan of action is actually wrong. One of the principles that terrorist uphold is that his own religion will save him for eternal suffering and thus any other individuals who do not recognize his religion are simply evil. In addition, he is mandated to destroy all non-followers so that his religion would survive until the end of time. The mentality of a terrorist is therefore extremely polarized and could not be perturbed by an external stimulus.

This condition is definitely risky because it will ultimately result in performing a heinous crime that aims to destroy people’s lives. 4. Latitia developed positive feelings for her boyfriend because she employed the principle of cognitive dissonance. This concept pertains to a feeling that an individual develops when he realizes that he is facing conflicting ideologies. In the case of Latitia, who was still unsure of her love for her boyfriend, she actively convinced herself that she did love him because she had already slept with him.

Cognitive dissonance is associated with the development of new beliefs in order to remove the feeling of guilt and doubt of her self and her boyfriend. Once these new beliefs are set in her mind, Latitia would then be able to reduce her burden of denying that she does not love her boyfriend. Cognitive dissonance also decreases Latitia’s burden of finding reasons that would justify her action of sleeping with her boyfriend, especially when she was not sure that she loved him at that time. 5.

Conducting a joint space program designed to land humans on Mars will be a good way for the United States and China to improve their relationship because it will allow the two countries to work towards the same goal. Similar to Sherif’s study (1966) on two groups of campers, the astronauts of the United States and China will be subjected to the same conditions and given the same problem. It may be natural for these two groups to find friction at the start of the journey, but the time spent in outer space would also serve as an isolation chamber that would push the two groups to directly interact with each other.

In time, these two groups will learn to understand each other and more importantly, to respect each other. In its finality, the two groups will integrate and cooperate in order to complete their task of landing in Mars. This unified effort will therefore represent that notion that these two groups have harmoniously created a cooperative and supportive agreement. Reference Sherif, M. (1966). In common predicament: Social psychology of intergroup conflict and cooperation. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin.


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