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According to different media houses include New York Times and the guardian UK. There are allegations of Russia interference with the US presidential elections that were heard in 2016 (Shane, 2016). President Donald Trump campaign was under investigation as it was believed that there were security concerns in regards to the elections process and Russia seemed to have influence on the presidential elections results. Russia dismissed the claims while Donald Trump denied the allegations claiming that they were politically motivated (Davis, 2017).  This report seeks to explore contributions of the Guardian and New York times to Russia’s interference in US elections, it will also look at the issues that are of great concern to the US and UK and also give an explanation of the differences that exist in coverage of the events.

New York Times

There were many issues revolving around the Russian interference in the US elections but the major issue that was covered by the New York Times was about the hacking of the voting systems. There were rumors that Russia got involved in the US elections at a greater capacity than people thought and that they campaigned in 39 states. There were cases that hackers tries to delete voters’ data (Eric, 2016). According to the New York Times, a huge number of voters were declared to be ineligible to participate in the voting process even after displaying their updated registration cards (Nicole, 2017). There are also those that were sent to different polling other than the one they were registered only to be sent home. It was determined that the problems were related to electronic poll books that include laptops and tablet that contained the check in software (Wemple, 2017). According to the NY times, the systems had penetrated Russia hacker system. On 2nd September 2016, the New York Times quoted Michael Wines, Mathew Rosenberg and Nicole Perlroth saying that they suspected something suspicious was in regards to irregularities on Election Day took place in Durban. According to them, there was some cyber attack happening due to malfunctioning of e-poll books that led to many voters leaving the stations without voting (Higgins, 2017). The New York times, stated that there was leaked information from security Agency that revealed that the seller of the e-poll books was a Florida based company that was targeted by the hackers (Fandos, 2017). There are local officials who felt that software malfunctioning was as a result of human error while others were convinced that a third party was involved and most definitely it was Russia.

There are different stories that dominate Russia’s interference with the US elections but the New York times chose to concentrate on the hacking of the system. This could be due to the fact that the media personnel wanted to reveal to the people that elections were not credible. New York Times provided credible evidence of different people speaking about insincerity of the elections. The information about Russia hacking did not just end with the media, but there was fire hose of stories that were spreading regarding which could possibly make the media a source of reference to such stories (Rosenberg, 2017). New York Times stories regarding the issue were spreading through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the media was not stopped for being the source of propaganda.  Although New York Times tried to justify the propaganda, Trump issued a statement to show that he did not have a hand in the occurrences. According to intelligence officials, there was no indication that Russia was trying to hack the systems during the election period (“Russian Hacking and Influence in the U.S. Election”, 2017). It seems that the New York Time tried to provide evidence that the hacking occurred but at the time the paper also tried to show the people that there was evidence that it did not occur.

Guardian UK

While New York Times concentrated on providing evidence that indeed Russia interfered with President Trump elections through hacking, the Guardian UK on the other wrote many of its articles saying that it was not clear whether meddling really occurred. According to the guardian, the president admitted that indeed there was foreign interference with presidential election and he accepts that maybe Russia got involved but it could not have been the only country (Henley, 2017). In a meeting in Germany with Vladimir Putin, the US president made utterances that there was foreign countries involvement but he failed to revealed which country they could have been (Borger & Holmes, 2017). Donald Trump also claimed that he was sure that the former president Barrack Obama allowed Russia to interfere with the elections and had warned to stop meddling although he did nothing about it (“Russian hacking: FBI failed to tell US officials their email was targeted”, 2017). In their articles, the guardian tried to pose president Trump as a person who contradicts himself. Maybe they wanted to show that he was a person who could not be trusted to lead the people since he would make contradictory statements regarding the same issue. At first, Donald Trump denied claims that Russia had meddled with elections affairs and later admitted that other countries that he could not mention had a hand in the election results (Harding, 2016).

Another issue of concern for the guardian is Donald Trump sexual assault claims. According to the guardian, there were more than 24 women who came out to claim that president Trump handled them inappropriately in a sexual way at different times in span of 30 years (Graves, 2017). The guardian also claimed that there was a sex tape through which Donald Trump was bragging about mishandling women. In response to the claims, Donald Trump admitted that he truly he had uttered such words. He knew he was wrong and made apologies. Trump added that he know that he was not a perfect person and that he could not pretend to be who he was not. In another article, the Guardian claimed that Trump’s spokesperson Sarah Sanders clarified that the women accusing Donald Trump of assault were lying. Trump also made careless utterances that the women were not attractive sexually and he could not have feelings for them. According to the guardian, Ivan Trump his former wife also claimed that there was a time when tried to rape her. There were also allegations that Russia got involved I US elections since they had information about Trump careless life with women. Russia threatened to leak the information if Trump was not on their side, which made him oblige in order to hide public shame. It is clear that by writing such stories online, the guardian wanted to make Donald Trump to be viewed as a reckless person who could not be trusted. Paul Ryan who is he speaker in the House of Representative said that although the issue was sickening and that he hoped that Trump would treat the issue with the seriousness it deserves (Camacho, 2017). Although it seems that the Guardian wanted to make Trump to look immoral, it may also be interpreted that the online magazine wanted people to view him as human and that he had all the characteristics for a normal person including having feelings for women.

There were no major solutions offered by the media regarding Russia Hacking of US elections although investigations were done to determine if it was true (“Russian hacking went far beyond US election, digital hitlist reveals”, 2017) According to Donald Trump, it is better if the issues were left as they were since investigating them would cause millions of deaths Luhn & Harding, 2017). Additionally, the

Guardian claimed that it was not right to condemn Donald Trump since everyone has his or her own shortcomings.  For instance, during president Obama’s time in office, he deported more than 3 million immigrants. According to Putin on the issue of immorality, he claimed that Donald Trump was an adult and that there are people who have done worse things.  Mitch McConnell said that Trump needed to apologize to the women and take responsibility for his actions (Camacho, 2017). He was advised never to talk to women in a careless manner especially on matters regarding sex.




The 2016 US elections have brought about morality issues that need to be addressed. Although it is important for media to keep people updated on all issues, it would be fair to avoid bringing a person’s private affairs to the public since it leads to tainting their image. Additionally, it is important to put ones morals first because present actions haunt people in future. Russia’s involvement is US elections also have morality teaching in that foreign countries have the capability of altering our elections and that the voting system maybe outdated and needs to be changed.


















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