Roll Family. In roll of thunder, Mildred D.

Roll of thunder, hear my cry is a book by Mildred D. Taylor that’s set in october 1933 to the spring of 1934. The book is about a black family called the Logan’s that owns land. The narrator and the main character is Cassie Logan, the 9-year-old girl in the Logan family. Throughout the novel, discrimination and cruelty on blacks was everywhere, which was mainly the conflict in the book. All the trouble was mainly to prevent the blacks from enjoying their lives strikes much blacks, from the sharecroppers to the Logan Family. In roll of thunder, Mildred D. Taylor is saying that discrimination and prejudice in the 1930’s made life hard and cruel for the blacks, including the Logan’s.In roll of thunder, the country not providing buses for blacks due to discrimination made life uneasy for blacks, like the Logan’s.  On page 44, it was said that the country didn’t provide really any kind of support like money or buses to black schools. ” The country did not provide buses for it’s black students. In fact, she said, the country provided very little and much of the money which supported black schools came from the black churches. Great faith church just could not afford a bus.” Since the school the logan kids go to don’t have a bus, they have to walk everyday. On page 43, it’s been told on how cruel their walk to school and back home actually is. ” But it was, we also had to worry about the Jefferson Davis school bus zooming from behind and splashing us with the murky waters of the road.” Here it shows that the logan kids which are blacks don’t have a very easy life on there way to school and back home. They don’t have a bus and has to walk ten-thousand meters to school and ten-thousand meters back. They must do this in any kind of weather, even in pouring rain where the roads are muddy and they have to get splashed by a bus, nobody wants to be in that situation. The country did not bother providing them with almost anything and life for the kids are not easy. Not providing buses and splashing the kids because of the countries discrimination and prejudice is one reason why it made life cruel and hard for the blacks..Another act that made life cruel and uneasy was the fact that blacks, especially Cassie Logan was treated rude and cruely by whites for almost no reason. On page 114 mean behavior caused by prejudice thoughts were thrown in on Cassie, ” But someone caught me from behind and, painful twisting it, and shoved me off the sidewalk into the road. I landed bottom first to the ground. Mr Simms glared glared down at me. ‘ When my gal Lillian Jean says for you to get yo’self off the sidewalk, you get, you hear?” Lillian Jean and Charlie Simms think it’s absolutely ok to get Cassie off the sidewalk for such a small thing. As the saying goes, this kind of mean and cruel behavior they put on Cassie is definitely an effect by their prejudice thoughts and putting it into discrimination. Charlie and Lillian Jean don’t care about how Cassie feels because she is black, not because of what she did. Therefore people live Charlie and lillian simms don’t have any empathy and try to follow discrimination to make blacks life hard and cruel.Furthermore, the act that Mildred Taylor said about blacks having to back off soldiers bridge was also a reason on discrimination making black lives hard. On page 138 it said the discrimination that was there. ” Only one vehicle could cross at a time, and whoever was on the bridge fist was supposed to have the right way, although it didn’t always work that way. More than when I had been in the wagon with Mama or Big Ma, we had to back off the bridge when a white family started across after we were already on it.” The blacks have to back off the bridge even though they reached it first is very unfair. They simply get kick off the bridge when they had to cross it when another white family started across after them. Having black people back off the bridge is really illogical and black are being treated as if their lives don’t matter. The laws make life uneasy for the blacks because they have to back off regardless of being first or second to reach the bridge. It also shows us how cruelly the south thought of blacks back then.Throughout roll of thunder, the discrimination made life cruel and uneasy for blacks in many ways. Buses and money were unprovided for blacks and the kids have to walk in misery. Whites constantly having prejudice thoughts to turn a blacks day into a day of cruelty. Black families that have to back off soldiers bridge regardless of them being first or second to reach the bridge. All were contributions to differences in blacks lives and the conflicts of what happened in roll of thunder hear my cry.     


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