Robotic the wound infection to nearly zero.A robotic

Robotic surgery is the use of robots in performing surgery. It is surgical procedure in where people undergo several processes involving robots. Some surgical robots are autonomous, so there sometimes used as tools to extend the surgical skills of a trained surgeon. With its creation, there are many speculations regarding the danger that this surgery might bring to the patient.Some major advances of surgical robots have been remote surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and unmanned surgery.Robotic surgery can be performed in a less restraining manner. Where the surgery can be operated with just a minimum number of physicians that eventually reduces the costs of medical bills.Doctors can also operate patients even from distant places without reducing the quality of their services or putting in jeopardy the health of their patients.Robotic surgery operations is not as tiring as regular surgical operations does. Doctors who are operating and treating their patients with robotic surgery eliminates strain and other body pains since the procedure can last for just a short period of time.The minimal amount of incisions ensures a faster healing, thereby reducing patients stays at the hospital by about half of conventional surgery, reducing the hospital cost by about 33%.Since the incisions required are small, it does not leave a large surgical scar when the wound heals and, the procedure is less painful .Where this surgical system reduced the wound infection to nearly zero.A robotic arm can control these arms, remaining steady at all times and electronically dampen the “shake” of the human hand. Some important advantages are:Simpler procedure , Minimally invasive, Better technique, Reduced bleeding, Less painful, Smaller scar, Faster healing, Decreased hospital stay.This is a surgery that takes longer hours in the surgery, depending on the extent of the procedure they must use higher quantity of amnesia in the patient’s body. While the robotic surgery offers several advantages in comparison to the traditional surgical techniques, few disadvantages limit its widespread use.The surgeons may lack the ability to “feel” the tissues the surgeon is operating on) and the large space occupied by the side-cart, reduces the access for health professionals assisting the surgeon in the case of an emergency.Thereby the disadvantages of the robotic surgery include:Longer learning period , High cost of the equipment and thus the procedure , Reduction in space for assistants , Lack of tactile sensation for the surgeonThe cost of the device can crank up to $1 million an investment not affordable to many of the smaller hospitals.Some of the drawbacks are the amount of time required for a surgeon to master its use. It takes an average of about 12-18 operations before the surgeon felt comfortable performing the procedure.


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