Revealed to back up this view. To begin,

Revealed theology is the name given by Christians to ideas
about God which believe that God makes himself known to us. The other way that
it is considered that the nature or prevalence of God is revealed to humans is
through Natural theology. Natural theology draws conclusions about God by using
reason and observing the world around us. This essay will be focussing on why
it can be argued that revelation, or revealed knowledge, itself does not
provide all the knowledge a Christian needs of God. Using the idea that Natural
and revealed theology go hand in hand to provide Christians with a holistic view
on the nature of God; using the critiques of scholars such as Boyle and Hume to
back up this view.


To begin, there are many ways in which God makes himself
known to humans. The Catholic Church believes that Jesus is the most direct
revelation of God known to us. It also argues that the Bible and Biblical texts
exist to help us understand and reinforce our knowledge of Jesus; before,
during and after his time on Earth. 
Jesus is seen as the incarnation of God, or God in human form. It is
believed that God came into the world in human form so that people could
understand Him at their own level, because the infinite power and love of God
is incomprehensible for limited, finite human minds. John’s Gospel describes
Jesus as being, ‘word made flesh’. To further this, the Catholic Church
believes that scriptures reveal truth about God, whereas the Protestant Church
believe that superior truths are written in the Bible. A scholar which further
this view is Barth, arguing that faith is idolatry and that humans are
incapable of working out the rights and wrongs and need God’s commandments to
aid them. He postulates that God is truly revealed through Christ, and any
attempt to understand Christ is corrupt and wrong. However, Hume discredits
this view arguing that, ‘a wise man… proportions his belief to the evidence’. Therefore,
it can be suggested that, although revelation can provide a Christian with
necessary information needed about the nature of God, it fails to use empirical
evidence and the world around us to reinforce this knowledge.

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