Researcher do (Fletcher P.C., 2012). As a consequence,

Researcher suggest that



significant higher scores of parental distress could be attributed by the lack
of social support in the society in which acceptance and knowledge regarding
Autism is still insufficient among the population. The difference of Autism
appearance, with no signs and symptom of physical disability but persistent
with abnormal and “strange behavior”, frequently puts parents in very
unpleasant and difficult conditions (Lee J.X., 2017). Lee J.X.
, 2017 conducted research to compare stress level amongst Autism parents and
typical developmental children in South Malaysia, identify that there was a significant difference in total stress (p<0.001) between these two group. The ASD group showed extremely high levels of total parenting stress compared to TD group. At least 80% out of 30participant in ASD group reported to have high level of stress while only 2.78% (1 person) in TD group reported to have high level of stress.   Feeling of embarrassing and uncomfortable to handle their child problematic behavior in public may be one of the reason parents of Autism prefer to be in their own world. Higgins D.J., Bailey S.R & Pearce J.C., 2005 suggest there still lack of understanding from the community related to behaviours associated with Autism and they often insensitive regarding the public behaviour of children with ASD. Woodgate R.L, Ateah C.& Secco L., (2008) identify that parents feel isolated because of lack of understanding by society of what autism was and what it was required in caring for them. They also suffering from not recognized by others around them even were visible in their community. Parents felt that society placed less value on the lives of the children with autism and felt stigmatized by the society.  Gray D. E (1993, 1997 & 2006) focused on describing how parents experienced "normal family life" and stigma. "Normal family life" for these parents was referring to factors such as their ability to socialize, the emotional quality of their interactions among family members, and the routines and rituals that comprised their perceptions of what "normal" families do (Fletcher P.C., 2012). As a consequence, many parents isolated themselves and their families from social contacts. They always finding that by joining the community events, it wills encounters more burdensome because of the combination of their child's disruptive, antisocial behaviors do not synchronize with their child normal appearance.   Fletcher P.C., 2012, find that Autism had an enormous impact on wife employment and or their husbands' employment. For example, mothers reported having to take off time of work or give up their employment due to the added responsibilities of caring such as attended additional medical appointments for a child with an Autism including Occupational Therapy, Speech       Therapy, Special School and Psychiatric follow up. Beside that there is mothers reported having to work full time in order to pay for the additional costs associated with her child's treatment. Fathers' employment was also reported to be effected, but not to the same extent as mothers. Expenses such as treatment costs, special diets, child care, private lessons, and cleaning or repairing homes were additional financial costs that these families had to endure. Lack of funds available for family vacations, household renovations and for siblings' future educational funds revealed the added financial strain of caring for children with ASDs.   The vulnerable impact following having Autism child in family cause not only to financial burden but also leads to incomplete state of wellbeing in physical health, psychological health and social health of the families entirely. Because there is no complete cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder until now, any recognized amount of a successful outcome for Autism children provide from anybody including the professional shall improve their family's quality of life. Hence, the quality of life of family evaluation shall also assist in identifying the effectiveness of the services provided for the management of such children.                                                      

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