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Research Proposal


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Course                                    Level
6 – Business Management

Title                                        “Analyse
the impact of work stress on work life balance of employees and its impacts on
their performance in XYZ Bank – UK”

writer intents to research on this topic in depth mainly because the writer
has being associate with many young and veteran bankers in the UK banking
industry. Further, the writer has many of experience in the banking
industry and the impact on ‘work
stress on work-life balance’ is fairly common rest of the world.  







Background of the

In the tech savvy era, it is an irrefutable
fact that banking industry has changed significantly and technology is
progressing leaps and bounds and there have been many changes in the industry. Further,
the rapid economic growth and competitiveness in the banking industry has
created and opened new avenues for all the business organizations. On the other
hand, a globalization trend has put all the organizations hard to retain their
competitive advantage and profit share in the market.

In this context, competition
among the banking and finance industry in UK significantly has been increased
during last decade. Also, stress has been defined in different ways over the
years. Therefore, now-a-days people would pay more attention for stress
management, particularly in banking sector. In the
banking context the work is exposed to tension and anxiety as they get through
the duties assigned to them. In this, writer’s main intention to study, understand
and analyse occupational stress in the XYZ Bank how it will impact on work life
balance and impact on employee’s overall performance. Apart from that, this
research is carried out to identify the core-relation between the work related
stress and work life balance. Moreover, this would explain the level of work
stress and how it will impact on employee’s individual performance. 

The XYZ bank is
established over 25 in the UK market and has been able to maintain its
reputation by introducing many new products and pioneering IT related banking
solutions. The XYZ Bank has benchmarked their service by locating highest ever
branch expansion in the UK. According to the local survey carried out in 2016 by
one of the leading research institute in UK, XZY Bank has become a leading
service provider in the country. Today majority out of total population are
within age limit of 21-35. This young working population is in comparison with other
peer banks. Further, during past couple of years Bank has done highest number
of recruitment for           newly open
branches. Furthermore, highest ever number of executive promotions which
amounted up to 700 were effected in executive grades during the period of
2015/16 calendar year. It is also observed, that new recruits and some who
received promotions in executive grades were not really qualified to hold such
positions. This also could be juistified as a reason holds stress caused to
those who working under them. Further, inadequate qualification lead to poor
performance by themselves as well as those who are working under them.

According to data which are
gathered from Human Resource Department (HRD) of the bank during past 5 years
staff Turn Over rate has been increased significantly.  Furthermore, it is observed that the reasons
given for leaving at the exit interviews was mainly due to unbearable work
stress. When the staff turnover is considered, majority who are leaving from
the bank are from the executive grades. However, now a day, job stress is
considered as a crucial factor. Day by day the rate of absenteeism among the
staff and the error count occurring in operation is increasing. The high level
of stress is very harmful for the human body. Generally this will lead to
increase in blood pressure, sugar level, suppression of immune system, decrease
effectiveness in digestive system. This is also one of the reasons for high
level of work stress.


The relationship between
work stress and employees performance has been discussed by many researchers
with strong varying hypotheses. The perspective of the negative relationship
between stress and performance is more commonly applied.


Significance of the study

The financial crisis experienced in between
2008- 2012 mainly affected for the whole banking industry in worldwide very
badly. Therefore, as leading banks in the country they minimize the economic
risk complying with the regulatory requirements imposed by regulatory bodies in
UK. In order to remain making profits and make the institution economically
viable, the employees should be dedicated to give their best. In that context, during the last five years the corporate
directors have empowered their executive staff to grab market opportunities. As
a result of this bold decision, all staff in the senior executive grades will
be encouraged to complete higher targets and full fill customer expectations.
This study gains more prominence about the bank’s culture and climates
of the present working environment.





Every research would have
certain limitations and possible barriers when carry out. This is due to
immense number of factors involves when considering a research and according to
the organization boundaries research has to adhere to the rules. Very limited literature
is available on relevancy on the level of stress in the Bank. Also, Bank did
not encourage such research topic due to the sensitivity of the organization
and its indirect impact on employee’s perception towards the Bank. Therefore, due to the sensitivity of some
information, researcher would not mention the name of the bank under this
research topic.   



Literature Review

Job stress can be
defined as the physical and psychological reactions an individual experience,
resulting from a poor fit between the job demands and the individual’s
capabilities (Jamal, 1985). High level of work stress may lead to course poor
work performance and bad health conditions. The variable job stress can be
discussed because it can be directly affect to the work life balance and
performance of the employees. Most of the employees feel strongly in any
organisation, that their job is stress full, as a result decrease their
performance (Shahid, 2012). The most critical impact in job stress is increase
high labor turnover from job, which influences organisation overall performance
as well as decrease individual performance. (Shehzad, 2011).


The importance of
employee commitments towards their job functions in the work place has been
identified and reecognised long time a back. On the other hand, the entire
Bank’s performance mainly depends on the staff. In fact that employee
commitment and their individual performance is the key factors could determine
the success of any organisation.


The impact of the work
stress on performance of employees is studied by several researchers and they
could observe some symptoms, problems and root causes. Stress puts drastic
effects on employees. Employees in service industry having more possibility to
face work related stress, which will be subject to poor performance at their
job role (Hong, 2011).


According to the (Malik,
2011), relationship between work stress and work life balance has been
discussed as follows; There are some bad impact will arise on over work related
stress. The leading researchers will explain the bad impact and relationship
between work related stress and work life balance as follows; If employees does
not having control over their work, it will lead to number of serious physical
problems such as heart dieses, unbearable headache, increase level of blood
sugar and  increase in blood pressure. On the other hand, stress at job
will affects the physical, psychological and financial balance of the
employees. Stress increases the high labor turnover, number of absentees which
influence the employees as well as


the organizational
productivity. Level of work related stress will affects both employee and
employer to declare their productivity and job performance. High level of
stress can lead to tension, strain anxiety, depression, cardiovascular diseases
and depression. It is having undesirable effect on the organizational
performance, day to day operations. (Dhar& Bhagat, 2008).


In the modern day, Human Resource Management plays a vital role in any
organization to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Human Resource by
having best practices to achieve goals of the organization. On the other hand
in business context, Human Resource Management and Human Capital Management are
considered as the most valuable asset to any organization which highlights the
uniqueness of the organization. Especially in financial and service industry,
they mainly focus on their human capital and quality management. Hence, in the
fiercely competitive financial service industry human capital is the factor
that distinguishes and differentiates organizations from each other.  

The following are abstracts of
the definitions of Human Resources by leading Gurus. In the good old days Human
Resource Management know as Personal Management and with the change of time the
organizations had to change the word as this has become the most influential
department within the organization. According to (Armstrong, 2009) Human
Resources Management is a strategic, integrated and coherent approach to the
employment, development and well-being of the people working in the
organizations. Therefore, it is clear that Human Resource Management plays a
strategic role of integrity HR with corporate strategy.  “Human
Resources Management is a function that involves all management decisions and
action that impact the nature of the relationship between the organization and
its employees – its Human resources (BEER, 1984). Therefore, Human Resource Department should have best HR
practices to retain and motivate employees to increase their performance. The
corporate strategy would be alien with the human capital.

The leading Human
Resource Management author Michael Beer (1984) involved the theory known as
4″C’s theory mainly based on the “impact of the general management decisions on
relationship between the organisation and its employees”.


Basically it has been
discussed under four topics like Competence level of employees, Commitment
level of employees, Congruence between the goals of Organization and its
employees, Cost effectiveness of practices adopted in Human Resource
Management.  There are many motivation theories to understand how people
are motivated in the work place to increase their work performance.


The motivation is to
inspire and lead to people to do their day to day operations with energy and
happily. According to (Wart, 2010) it has been defined as the “Drive or energy
that compels people to act with energy and persistence towards some goals”. On
the other way, motivation has defined as the “Motivation is a goal- directed
behavior which involves taking a course of action which leads to the attainment
of a goal or a specific valued reward” (Armstrong, 2006, p.252).


The employee’s
motivation can take place in two different ways. The first, intrinsic
motivation- people who are intrinsically or internally motivated generally
do not need any external rewards such as pay or praise to perform in their job.
Intrinsic people are self-motivated because they really enjoy their performance
and actually task and goals given for them. Second, Extrinsic motivated
people, who are externally motivated; generally they do not satisfy the
target and goals given for them. But rewards and benefits will encourage
performing in their job role well. Intrinsic motivation is like to have a strong
and long-term effect on employees. Because it is inherent in employees and not
impose from the management, in the best form of motivation (Armstrong,
Herzberg, 2006)



Research Questions

order to relate with this topic and to measure the level of stress in the XYZ
Bank, the researcher intends to find answers for the following question;  

How the work related stress affect on employee’s
work life balance and their individual performance in XYZ Bank- UK?


Objectives and approach

1. Identify the stress
factors that lead to work stress in the XXY bank.

2. Identify the core-relationship
between work stress and the work life balance. The impact of the work stress on
employee’s performance.

3. Identify the role of
Human Resource Department (HRD) in order to mitigate work stress and employees
work life balance.

4. Analysis and identify
the levels of impact of stress factors in XYZ Bank.

5. Recommend ways to
improve the present working environment in XYZ Bank.






The main
scope of this research finds out the level of work stress and work life balance
and how they will impact on individual performance. Under research methodology, it will be discussed on how to carry out the

Under research
methodology, it will be discussed how to carryout research under methodology. I
will discuss the subject with on sample design and questioner, collection of
data, research design, data analyzing and operationalised of the case study.

The dependent and
independent variables will be identified according to the conceptual frame work
that will develop. Basically research will design in order to address the case
study. Throughout the research, writer would try to high light the level of
stress impact (relationship between) on work life balance of the employee.
Furthermore, all the associated factors relating to the work stress in XYZ Bank
will be examined.

In order to arrive at
a conclusion of the research it is necessary to based that on factual
information gathered on age, department, Branch, qualifications, experience in
the Bank and the present job environment. Apart from that, the survey sample
will include 120 staff members recently promoted in Junior Executive and
Managerial grades. Sample will be selected by randomly from the branches and
departments. Also, the
target population is not confined to the one geographical area but spread over
all the branches in Island wide.

The questioner paper
from in English language will be provided to select sample and 15 mites
interview sessions will have with Head Of the HR and Deputy Head of HR and this
will be recorded. Which forms the essence of the conclusion will be collected
providing questioner paper among the 120 staff members and the researcher
expects to create questioner paper including 20-25 related questions.  

Secondary data – Visible and valid secondary data could be
collected from Human Resource Department in the Bank, the annual report of the
Bank, HR policy manuals, Official website of the Xyz bank and through intra


Data Analysis – Under this chapter will be developed
comprehensive data analysis of primary data collected which related to the
prime objective of the research. The first part of this chapter analysis the
respondents profile and collect data.

Research Time Schedule

The researcher intends
to work out the research plan according to the below mentioned time scale.



Gantt Chart for the











































XYZ Bank Annual Report, ( 2016). online
Available at: > Accessed on 26th November2017 Armstrong, M. (2014). A Handbook of Human Resource Management
Practices.11th ed.Armstrong, M (2006). A Handbook of Human Resource Management
Practice.(pp. 253-254), 2013. The Impact
of Occupational Stress of Selected Banking Sector in Tamilnadu. Online Available
  Accessed on 21st November2017 Armstrong, M (2006). A Handbook of Human Resource Management
Practice.(pp. 273-284)


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