Recruitment, people. There is plenty way to display

Selection and Induction Process

Stages of the Human Resource Planning Process

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vacancy: HR make the decision if the recruitment is necessary or not, to make
the decision HR will follow the personal planning stages.

of the job: You can’t find what you need if you don’t know what you need. HR
will analysis the job to decide what type of workforce you looking for. HR will
look the position and decide which skills and qualification the candidate must
have to meet with the company needs.

a job description: HR will prepare a job description which will state the  scope and general purpose of the job, main
duties, control and general responsibilities .

a personnel specification: HR put together what skills, qualification,
experience and knowledge the new employee should have to perform the job

 Attract applications: HR will prepare a job
advertisement to attract people. There is plenty way to display it, example on
internet, newspaper , television, notice board etc.

application: HR will process all the applications. They will look all the
received applicants and searching for the best matching for the job.

a shortlist: HR will create a shortlist from all the applicants, reduce down
the numbers and narrow down to find the best applicant for the job.

The HR will invite people for interview.

a decision: After the HR interviewed the candidates will make the decision, who
get the job.

filled: If the candidate accept the job than the vacancy is filled.


2. After
the HR set the job description and the personnel specification have to decide
where they supply the new work force. When the HR forecasting consider two
things,  what are they looking for and
where will be recruit from? When we talking about supply the HR looking the
existing staff level and predicting what is likely to happen over a period of
time. Example staff leave, retire or be promoted. Supply could be internally or
externally. Internally the HR look at what staff we already have and look they personal
files to try to find someone in-house to fill up the job position. Personal
files is important because it can shows hiding skills and experiences. HR are
always try to first find a right candidate from the existing  staff, also they looking at if they can
train, promote or transfer somebody. If the HR can’t find the candidate
in-house then they start to look external. They continue the recruitment
process with place a job advert outside of the company and running the process
till they don’t find the best suitable new staff.















GCSEs at
grades 9 to 4 ( A to C) or equivalent in English and maths

NVQ/SVQ in Customer Levels 1-4
NVQ/SVQ in Business and Administration
Levels 1-4


Good communications skills
IT Experience
Administration and costumers service skills
Organisation skills

sell techniques
with house rules
telephone manner
in working hours
foreign language

Previous experience

service experience
with complains
of opera software

and banqueting experience

Special aptitudes (e.g oral
or written skills, manual dexterity etc.)

and organising

focus manner
solution for problems




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Interview selection methods

is very stressful for both parties. Knowing different selection of methods can
help you to make more comfortable for interviewer and for the job seeker as
well. Different job role might need different selection methods to find the
right candidate. Choosing the right methods is crucial if we want to find the
most suitable person for the job.

List of
interviewing styles:           

Telephone, Computer, Video, One-on-One, Serial, Panel, Group, Stress and
Meandering Interview etc.

All of them
have advantages and disadvantages but for this position I would choose the  one-on-one interview. I think that  type would be the most accurate to find the
right candidate for the receptionist position.

This is the
most common interviewing style. Very accurate and efficient because the
interview is based on test and conversation and the end both side have opinion.
The interviewer have opinion about the candidate and the candidate have opinion
of the job. The test is starting when the two part meet each other. The first
impression is very important in that situation. Many things can affect what
impression come trough at the first moment. Example the body language is very
important not just the beginning but also when during the interview. Also
important what you wearing at the interview. If somebody show up dress smartly
and with polished shoes it shows the candidate care about the job and did an
effort and time to prepare for the interview, If somebody show up with dirty
shoes, not dressing properly for the occasion 
obviously shows the candidate not really care and couldn’t be bored to
make an effort. That can cause bad impression and the candidate can lose a
chance to be successful on the race to get a job.

Next stage
will be place in the room or some quite part of the hotel, where the
interviewer will place question to the candidate. The questions will be about
the candidate previous experiences, personnel qualities, personnel interest,
future career plans, likes and dislikes. General questions will analyze the
applier problem solving skills and the ability to socialize with the rest of
the team. The interviewer will decide based on this answers if the candidate
right for that job or not. One-on-one interviews usually last approximately
20-40 min. The hiring manager try to follow the 80/20 rule which means he/her
talk the 20 percent and the rest of 80 percent the candidate. The manager lead
the discussion by asking questions. Experienced job interviewer like to use
open ended questions which help to the candidate open up and talk about their
skills, experiences, strength, weaknesses and qualifications.
Question like “Tell me about yourself?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses ?” etc. 

advantage of the the one-on-one interviews is the employer have a very accurate
picture if the candidate personality, skills, strengths, weaknesses so is make
easier to decide if is the right person for the position or not.

disadvantages is hard to treat each one to one interviews with the same
attention and treat them on the same way. Also could be a problem the candidate
tell each other what question they had, so the next one could be prepare the

Model of employment

Employment Contract

Details of employee

Name:  XXX XXX                                                               Job
Title: Cashier/ Receptionist

XXX XXX                                                            Place of work:
Holiday Inn

Details of employer

Name:  Holiday Inn                                                                        


Main Duties, Control and General Responsibilities

maintain the highest standard of guest care.

the front desk to deal with guest enquiries.

ensure that at all times the back and front of desk are clean and tidy so
reflecting a 4-star hotel standard.

ensure that all guests’ potential complaints are recognised and dealt with.

possible sales must be maximised from room sales to room service.

ensure that during a shift all procedures required during its operation are
carried out professionally and efficiently.

guests’ bills must be produced to the correct standard.

relevant rates should be understood and applied as laid down by the               Reception Manager.

ensure that the security of cash and other forms of payment complies with the
company’s policy.

be aware of all procedures involved in the use of Opera software ensuring that
all information entered into the system is accurate and to the standards
specified in the Standard of Performance Manual.

ensure that the security of keys complies with the company’s policy.

communicate and advise the Shift Leader of all special requirements e.g.  VIP guests, extra beds, cots etc.

be aware of the procedures involved in the use of equipment within the
department thus ensuring accurate and maximum use of all automated and electronic

shift duties should be completed before the end of the shift.


ensure that the handover to the following shift is completed accurately and
with no omission of any relevant information.

be aware of and adhere to the company’s policy on fire, health and safety at

be aware of your responsibilities and necessary action in the event of  a fire, fire alarm and evacuation.  You must know the location of break glass
points, firefighting equipment and fire exits within the department and
surrounding areas.

comply with the company’s philosophies and policies.

comply with the house rules and regulations.

carry out any reasonable requests made by management.

advise and communicate with Reception Manager/Shift Leader any problems or
relevant information relating to the efficient running of the department.

7.Terms and


We comply
with current legislation regarding the provision of a register Stakeholder Pension
Scheme to which you can choose to contribute.


Your basic
hours of work are 35 per week plus further hours as agreed between yourself and
the management.


If you are
unable to report for work, you must notify your duty manger as soon as possible
on the first day of absence with details of your illness and the likely length of
absence. Payment for absence due to illness will only be Statutory Sick Pay and
only to qualifying employees. Further details are contained in the staff


It is a condition
of your employment that you participate fully in all training that is provided
for you. Failure to adhere to this policy may be subjected to disciplinary


The company
reserve the right at any time to request you to work in similar employment in
any other branch of the company.


Our holiday
year begins on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st of


can appear when the HR design the job advertisement. There are a lots of rules
around writing job adverts, mostly based around best practice to attract
candidates, but certain rules are for to ensure you don’t fall foul of
discrimination law.  There is a lot of
words and phrases which you can’t use in a job advertisement. You must state or
imply in a job advert that you will discriminate against anyone. You can’t say
you not able to give the job for people with disability or you looking for
young or old work force. You could use the phrase recent graduate or highly
experience. Also important where are you advertising, if you just only display
you advert in a men’s magazine is could be discriminative. The HR before to put
up the advert they send to special people to check if the advert carrying and
discriminative meaning.    

When you are
interviewing there are questions which you can’t ask, some characteristics are
protected. Example can’t ask the age, being or becoming a transsexual person, being
married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant, disability, race, sex,
sexual orientation, religion. Can asking for the date of birth but only in
special circumstances like you must be over a certain age to sell alcohol. The
best is if the interviewer are experienced and know very well the law’s about
what he/she can ask or what not. That’s the best was to prevent discrimination on
the interview stage.

Discrimination also
can appear when we do the selection after the interview, when we try to decide
who will get the position. Example if we have two candidates with the same
knowledge and skills but one is have disabilities, we can’t choose the person
with no disabilities just because he don’t have disabilities, we must based the
decision on different fact. HR prevent discrimination on that stage with treating
everybody on the same way.
























































10. Benefits
of a good induction program

Employer benefits:

lot of money and time: That’s the first training which the new employee received
after he joint to the organization, if the employee trained well, he can easily
adopt the the new job role and start working very fats and very effective.

employee turnover: The people join into the company with lot of expectations and
questions. All questions must be answered on the induction day, that will give
a clear picture about the company.  Ineffective induction training will leaves
employee’s with frustration. Good induction is a base for a long work
relationship between employer and employee.

operational efficiency: A good induction training will help for the employee to
became familiar with the company work culture, mission and goals. Also the new
employee understand their role and they purpose within the company, which help
running operational efficiency.  

Employee benefits:

employee feel respected and value: Well structured induction will give warm
welcome for the new employee and give the good impression about the company.
Helps to make the new employee feel comfortable and sooner can achieve
effective work level.

all the necessary information: New employee will clearly understand the
culture, work norms, policies and procedures and able to adopt quickly to the
work environment.

 Good communication: Induction training
helps the new employee in establishing good communication with the
organization. As part of the induction training program, the new employee is
introduced to his direct supervisor, other employees, leads, and directors of
the organization. This makes him more comfortable when he has to communicate
with them later.


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