Recommendation they must improve our honesty, transparency, and


ownership. There are land ownership matters that must be determined to support
the creation of large farms for wider sufficient productivities.

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Priorities: policy priorities and government should support and struggles to recover
and grow agriculture and animal products to improve their food productivity, focusing
on the following policy priorities:


Ø  Improving the skills of our farmers by training courses.

Ø  Improving the investment environment for agriculture and animal

Ø  Actions for opening, running, and closing a business.

Ø  Implementing legal reforms to allow for larger farms that can make
better use of technology and diversify production.

Ø  Emerging the export potential.

Ø  Advancing greater openness to the international economy.

Ø  Enhancing privatization and enhancing private participation for a
better economy.



and Honest Government


Our government must concentrate on those tasks that only a
government can do well—providing law and order and approving and enforcing
sensible and necessary laws and regulations, and to work with development
agencies and experts from around the world to improve the way people operate.
they must improve our honesty, transparency, and efficiency and  free of corruption and will fulfill all of
its responsibilities fairly and efficiently to provide more successful




special food industry zones: In order to attract more investment, pursue the
development of full-service industrial parks should be provided, which could
serve as special economic development zones, complete with high levels of
services, including Internet, banking, and business friendly regulations. New
areas for development of food industry should be sited in villages where most
of farms (agricultural lands and animal farms) are available.  it should refocus our incentives toward the
hiring and training of local labor, partnering with local businesses, and
attracting industries that serve regional and global markets.



accessibility to healthy food where people live and work is important to accomplishing
and maintaining health and sustainablity, and reducing transport costs.


has paid 7 billion dollars for importing fruits and vegetables from Turki and
Iran. While it should have been exporting worth of 7 billion dollars. Mismanagement
and corruption is killing our institutions and economy. Its time to do
something about our own situation and build a powerful and independent
Kurdistan on all levels.


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