RAFT have actual names- Cation and Anion. Wanna

RAFT Script (not meant to be performed) 9:00 a.m. Tuesday Morning; June 1stMom (Janet) walks into Susan’s roomWakes Susan upJanet: Susan, time to get up. Be downstairs in 5 minutes for your Chem lesson please.Susan: *groans and sits up* Give me a sec.Janet: I’m giving you 300 of them! *laughs hysterically*Susan: *with a sarcastic tone* Ha ha mom, super funny, greatest one yet.Janet walks out of the room and heads down the stairs, Susan not too far behindSusan: *taking a seat at the dining room table* What am I learning about today, mom?Janet flips through the book resting on the dining room tableJanet: Uhhh, Oh! here it is “Ion Formation and Electron Orbitals” sounds magical!Susan: More like boring.Janet: Don’t be so negative jeez.Susan: Whatever, can we just get this over with.Janet silently reads book for a few minutes, thinking of how to explain the topic to SusanJanet: Hm, I guess I’ll start with ion formation. Do you know what an ion is?Susan: *rolling her eyes* Of course, an atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron.Janet: Type of electron gained or lost? Susan: Valence.Janet: And what are those?Susan: the electrons most likely to be involvled in a reactionJanet: Ooh girl, you’re on fire today!Susan smiles and shrugsJanet: What are the types of ions?Susan: *thinks for a minute* Positive and negative?Janet: Close, but they have actual names- Cation and Anion. Wanna guess which ones positive and which ones negative?Susan: Cation is positive, Anions negative?Janet: Spot on! Cation ions become positive when the atom loses electrons, causing there to be more of a positive charge in the atom- newly an ion- as a whole.Susan: So let me guess, anions become negative when the gain an electron because there is a more negative charge in the ion- more electrons than protons?Janet: Yes, you’re catching on fast! So to recap in case you forgot, what happens to valence electrons when an ion is formed.Susan: They are moved around, they are gained by one atom and given away by another.Janet: Correct! Ok do you know what oxidation means?Susan: Nope.Janet: Ok, well oxidation is either the full or partial loss of electrons or the gaining of oxygen


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