Race white democracy. Some of our leaders today,

Race is a political category because
it essentially has nothing to do with pigmentation or any exclusion, but more with
the relation of privilege. “…as the dominant race repress the subordinate one
and is itself disciplined by the imperatives of perpetuating the system of
privilege.”  (Olsen, pg. 17). One race is
dominate over all other races because they are structured to have the
privileges that were taken from people of color through devaluation. All the
injustices that have occurred in the past, like slavery or Native American
genocide, continue to stem out benefits for whites and they do not deny but
instead reap from it. “Race, then, is by definition a system of discrimination,
hierarchy, and power.” (Olsen, pg. 17). The power that some have does come from
being deemed white enough to have privilege and status. There is no other way
of explaining it, because we are separated into significant groups from the day
we are born and are constructed to act like the group they (white) have
assigned you to. Our leaders are all mostly in positions of power because of
their economic status and other factors.

The current events
in the U.S clearly and concisely explain why race is a political category and
why we need to abolish white democracy. Some of our leaders today, base their
actions and solutions on their status and their privileges and disregard the racial
injustices people of color have faced. They have this veil over their eyes that
does not allow them to see the struggles that many are facing, like African
Americans and police brutality, or the prison rates, graduation rates, income,
etc. They shove away the ideas of oppression because they, themselves, have not
felt it. I have been in situations where a white woman deemed herself more than
my mother and I because of who she was in society. She believed she had the
position to yell at us for speaking in our native language, believing that it
was taking her power away, and there
were no consequences for what she had done. It was a moment where people could
have spoken of the white democracy yet looked away because the beaming light of
oppression was too much. I agree with what the author is stating because we do
need to go away with this democracy we have in place that feeds this one race
and realize that color blindness or cultural assimilation is not a solution,
but it is only other forms of repression.

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“It confers full
citizenship to those who can prove themselves white and guarantees their
privileged status over those deemed not-white and therefore less than
citizens.” (Olsen, pg. 19). What I liked about this statement and some of the
following passages is how it says that white is not due to being Caucasian. But
it is someone who benefits from other races and has privileges due to the
inequalities occurring today. They are equal to white citizens in the racial
order/structure and have more benefits over those who are not white. It explains
how white democracy is not just for those who are white in the racial categories
but white also includes those who enjoy the status, power, and privileges and do
nothing to stop the injustice.

tried to really get my point across, but there were parts of the paper that I
did not fully comprehend and tried to search for answers. I was able to get a
feel of what he meant in his statements, and I know for a fact that I do agree
with what he is stating. Some of the things I didn’t fully grasp was when
talking about the abolition democratic politics. I did not make sense of what
was being said but know that he says we should abolish white democracy.



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