Question: this has nothing to do with his

Question: A televised image of a starving
polar bear surrounded by melting icebergs had a greater impact on Mr. Young’s
perception of the extensiveness of climate change than did a statistical chart
summarizing the earth’s temperature over the last two hundred years. This
suggests that Mr. Young’s assessment of the climate change issue is influenced

Representativeness Heuristic- This is not what Mr. Young is influenced by
because the assumption that any object (or person) sharing characteristics with
the members of a particular category is also a member of that category has
nothing to do with a man realizing the severity of Climate Change. Young most
likely had an idea that a Polar Bear with a lot of fur who lives in a cold
climate was associated with and affected by Climate Change.

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Bias- This idea makes no sense because Mr. Young did not fully understand the
impact of climate change when he saw the chart for the first time so there is
no way he was searching for confirmation; The tendency to search for evidence
that fits one’s beliefs while ignoring any evidence that does not fit those

Fixation- Mr. Young could not have been affected by a disorder in which the person does not fully resolve the
conflict in particular psychosexual stage, resulting in personality traits and
behavior associated with that earlier stage because this has nothing to do with
his early development.

The Availability Heuristic- This could be what is used
in this situation because Mr. Young is more likely to understand and believe the situation if he has an available
memory of it like an
image; the likelihood of events based on
their availability in memory; if instances come readily to mind (perhaps
because of their vividness), we presume such events are common

Young has no hindrance in
problem solving of any type due to viewing the chart therefore ” The tendency to overestimate the accuracy of one’s belief and
judgements, which proves to be a hindrance in problem solving,” cannot be
the problem.


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