Psychology of People towards Various Fitness Activities and its Impact

Physical activity is defined as any body movement produced by skeletal muscles resulting in a substantial increase in energy expenditure, while physical fitness is a set of attributes related to people’s ability to perform physical work. This is important from a health point of view. Physical fitness measured as cardio respiratory fitness (maximal oxygen uptake) is positively related to improved health in general and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in particular. Today, in this fast moving world, people are obsessed so much with their work. This may keep them busy and sometimes they even sacrifice the need to stay fit and healthy.

So many changes occur in the food habits and the fitness of the people. Fatigue, less-nutrient intake, junk food, obesity, lack of energy etc are very common to people nowadays because of their hectic work schedule. That is the main reason why people are giving more importance to physical fitness than ever before. They have come to know the importance of living a healthy life and it is directly related to physical fitness. Hence, there are so many options which are available to the people to get indulged in a physical activity. Some of them include hitting the gym, aerobics, yoga, jogging, walking, cycling and many more.

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Psychology researchers, in particular, have used qualitative methodologies in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of the subjective experience of the athletes (e. g. , Gould, Eklund, ; Jackson, 1992; Munroe, Giacobbi, Hall, ; Weinberg, 2000; Scanlan, Stein, ; Ravizza, 1989). Researchers have been encouraged to use this wealth of information in developing scales for psychometric analysis while consultants have been encouraged to develop more effective interventions. Exercise psychologists have also employed qualitative methodologies in their investigations (e. g. , Gauvin, 1990; Golberg, 1992; Whaley ; Ebbeck, 1997).

Central to the definition of physical activity is movement (Bouchard ; Sheppard, 1994). In exercise psychology research, qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews could help establish whether more frequent exercisers have a rich more accurate understanding of their exercise injuries than do less frequent exercisers. People especially youngsters in age of 18-27 have lot of reasons to stay fit. This is the most important period of one’s life and many young adults will start giving more importance to their health. A good heart, ideal weight, correct BMI, a well toned body, an overall healthy habits start at this age.

Too much of excess food will make the youngsters obese at young age and this will make it difficult for them to come back to normal weight at later stage. Similarly, youngsters who have less nutritious food and indulge in bad food habits like consuming too much of junk food or too less of healthy food accompanied with an improper physical exercise, will develop a poor immune system. Lack of exercise will lead to many problems for the youngsters. This includes being socially inactive, stress related issues, laziness, mentally not confident and many other problems.

1. 2 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this study is to measure how conscious and determined the youth are in maintaining their health and how well they are focused on adapting to various habits to maintain their health. Due to rate of increase of major health problems among youngsters because of their food habits, stress levels and lack of physical work, health maintenance becomes vital for the people. Different ways people adapt to maintain their health are exercising, workout at gym, practicing yoga, timely food consumption.

Basically for this project, the data will be taken from secondary sources, and students studying MBA at Xavier Institute of Management ; Entrepreneurship. 1. 3 RESEARCH GAP In order to cope up with stress and pressure in the future, students with health consciousness choose different choices like working out in gym, swimming, exercising, practicing yoga, having organic food for maintaining their fitness. They aim to maintain their physical as well as their mental health, so they can go with more than one for maintaining their fitness.

It is relevant to conduct a research on what choice they are preferring and how determined they are in facilitating their decision 1. 4 OBJECTIVES The main objectives for this study are: 1. To identify different ways people are being undertaken to maintain their health and fitness. 2. To classify and measure how determined are they in adapting the chosen way for maintaining their health. 3. To find out how differently men and women are in their selection of choice. 4. To find out the reasons for choosing the preferred choice for maintaining their health.


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