Pros Yes, very few people can perform at

     Pros and cons to
such an economic debate will always exist.

requirements, education, and work that entails being a professional athlete,
than that of a Doctor, Lawyer, US Soldier, it makes it difficult to say if they
are deserving of such a copious amount of money that they receive. Yes, very
few people can perform at that skill level but at the same time, they do not
contribute much to society besides entertainment. The entertainment that they
provide the world, still can not compare to the value of the men and women who
risk their lives every day.

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     There are more
high profile players who have done time in jail than have spent time doing good
in the community. Kobe Bryant was on trial for the rape of a young girl in
Colorado. Mike Tyson was in jail for physically harming his wife, not to
mention biting the ear off Evander Holyfield. Leon Lett of the Dallas Cowboys
was cut for selling cocaine, granted not all professional athletes has track
records, but with everything the bad is always looked at before the positive.

     Police officers,
fire fighters, the medical field, US soldiers, all who risk their lives to save
others. Educators, scientists, or government officials who make the world a
little better place day by day, not Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.
Meanwhile the others who literally benefit the economy does not even make a
fraction of what professional athletes make. Most, not all but a good percent
of professional athletes spends their money in an extremely unproductive way.
They could be feeding the starving people in Africa, money for the troops,
cancer research, better education for the youth. Yeah, maybe a couple times a
year a couple of athletes get together and do a community project or some other
bullshit that promotes them, big deal.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

professional athletes provide entertainment for the entire world, whether its
NBA, NFL, MLB, or whatever the sport may be. The millions of dollars that goes
to their paychecks could be put to better use.

Professional athletes make too much

January 28, 2018

English Comp II

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