Project confidential and reliable use of these data

Project Initiation

There are four
different projects that are yet to take place which I will be closely involved
in overseeing in my position in the organization. These projects will include
upgrading data security and storage, increasing integration of IT in different
sectors of the organization, enhancing the employees’ safety and well-being in
the organization and implementation of a new employees’ reward and motivation
system in the organization.

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Project 1: Upgrading
Data security and Storage in the Organization

In this digital era,
the organization recognizes the centrality of data in its daily operation.
However, a key to the confidential and reliable use of these data heavily
relies on their security and storage that enables ease of retrieval while not
compromising security at the same time. Reliable data security and storage is
paramount to the organization.

This project will
see the organization roll on the new approach of ensuring data security and
cloud storage of data that will meet the two expectations identified by the
organization. The project will aim at changing the protocol required to access
certain information within the organization ensuring that the passwords and
other pertinent information are both strong and very reliable at all time. The
project will also contract a third party to provide reliable cloud storage of
information to allow ease of access to these secure data at all time.


•    The project will ensure the safety of data
in the organization.

•    It will allow for eases of access of these
data securely and at all time.

•    In the long run, it will lead to effective
decision-making based on the secure and readily available information.


•    The project will add additional operational
cost to the organization which will ultimately compromise profitability.

•    The use of the third party with super-user
may compromise the security of cloud data.

•    The project will disrupt the normal
operation of the organization during the transition.

Initial Reactions

I am highly
optimistic that the project is feasible and that it will attract positive
progress to the organization. It will cost-effective and highly appropriate for
the organization to undertake in order to stay relevant to cloud technology and
best practices in data security and storage.

Project 2: Integration of Information Technology in all departments
of the Organization

The organization is
currently mainly digitalized with many departments fully operating in a
paperless environment. However, certain areas such as the front office,
security and certain departments are still lacking necessary IT infrastructure
hence lagging behind. According to the organization’s mission, it aimed at
going paperless in virtually all department.

The project will
thus involve installation of necessary technology infrastructure in all
departments to realize a completely digitalized organization. The project will
also entail increasing the computer literacy of all staffs especially those in
the lower departments to ensure that everyone is closely involved in the
process. In the end, the entire organization will become fully IT
infrastructure supported.


•    The project will increase the ease of
information transfer and share between organizations.

•    It will lead to a virtually paperless

•    The will increase the employees’ output and
quality of work.


•    The project may not be cost-effective at
the end as it may not lead to direct increase in the organization’s ability to
generate revenue.

•    It may disrupt normal operation in the

Initial Reaction

The 21st century has
provided new opportunity mostly supported by reliability IT infrastructure. My
initial reaction was that the project is highly feasibility and will drive the
organization towards a fully digitalized operations for better future.

Project 3: Enhancing
Security and Well-being at Workplace

Security and
well-being of the employees at the workplace are paramount to better productivity
within the organization. With increasing tension regarding terror attacks and
gun violence, the organization is taking a proactive role through this project
to ensure that all employees will remain safe at the workplace at all time.
This move necessitate few changing to the current security protocol.

The project will
entail providing new staffs’ identification cards that they will be expected to
carry with them anywhere anytime within the organization. Further, it will
involve installation of close circuit televisions (CCTVs) in all areas to allow
security personnel monitor and respond to any suspicious security threat in
time. The project will also see recruitment of highly trained personnel who
will guarantee an adequate response to any security threat.


•    The project will lead to better security at
the workplace.

•    It will ensure that employees lower cost
associated with theft or other security breach.


•    It may hinder accessibility of the
organization to other important stakeholders such as customers that may create
a negative public image.

•    The cost of improving security may outweigh
anticipated benefits.

Initial reactions

I think that the
project targeting employees’ security is both important and relevant to the
organization as it will positively impact on their well-being at work.
Moreover, with good planning, it will lead to a better workplace.

Project 4:
Establishing New Reward and Motivation System

Rewarded and
motivated employees tend to remain highly productive that impact positively on
the organization’s image and performance alongside ensuring that most employees
are retained hence low employees’ turnover. The organization recognizes the
centrality of motivating employees through customized and sensitive reward
system. With such in mind, the organization intends, through the project, to
roll on a new approach to employees’ reward system that will ensure highly
motivated employees.

The project that
aimed at revising and updating the packages to the employees such as promotion,
health insurance package, bonuses and allowance and retirement package that
will ensure that employees remain motivated at all time. The project thus
targets the human resource department and intends to establish new guidelines
for appraisal and recognition of exceptional employees. The project aims at
recognizing specific markers and milestone that will define employees and
clearly elaborate on the rewards under different categories.


•    The better reward system will attract and
retain talents within the organization.

•    It will lead to better productivity and
higher revenues to the organization

•    Effective motivation system will lower
employees’ turnover rates that may be detrimental to the organization.


•    Lucrative packages will attract additional
operational cost which may reduce the net profit of the organization.

Initial Reaction

My initial thoughts
about the project is that it is highly important for the organization and that
if effectively implemented, can lead to unprecedented success of the
organization. With proper planning, the project is feasible and is within the
reach of the organization. It is a gateway to a highly productive organization.


As evident, all
these projects will all lead to a highly productive organization closely
concerned with the well-fare of its employees. Through different approaches,
improving data security and storage, enhancing workplace security, installation
better reward system and boosting workplace security are all project that are
not only relevant to the organization, but are also highly feasible. With my
excellent project management skills, these projects are potential realities to
the organization.  


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