Preventing the situation of anorexia. Besides, the accessibility

Preventing sarcopenia:
 stop your muscle mass loss from now

Sarcopenia is an aging-related disease which is
characterized by loss of muscle mass and strength. It will affect the
capability of accomplishing daily task and physical dependence in older adults
that may give rise to accidentally fall and fracture. The role of diet and
lifestyle have the significance effect on preventing the development of
sarcopenia in the elderly age.

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When age of 40 to 70 years old, the inappetance of one’s
will lead to low food intake and it is called as anorexia of aging. The elderly
will lost their smell and taste, more preferable to salty food, easily get
satisfied with small meals, and difficulty in mastication when they have the
situation of anorexia. Besides, the accessibility to prepare food, taking meals
alone and unchanged menu cause seniors face malnutrition. Through a long period
of severe period, undernutrition in older adults will further worsen the
physical ability of them. To prevent the development of sarcopenia among
elderly, interventions need to implement through diet and healthier lifestyle.

Nutrients for preventing

The role of protein in building muscle cell has been
recognised many year which can reduce the risk of formation of sarcopenia. A
studies in US Health has shown that the old people who has low protein intake
will have a great muscle mass loss.  Hence, the protein intake in among the senior
have to increase to sustain the balance of nitrogen. Besides the amino acid
supplement is found to increase the physical capability.

When there is reactive oxygen species (ROS), it can destroy
the cell and lead it to sarcopenia. The antioxidants such as carotenoids,
flavonoids, selenium which ingest through diet can reduce the ROS in human
body. The function of antioxidant supplement have showed that it can
effectively decrease the rate of developing mobility disability and loss of
muscle strength in a scientific studies.

Moreover, the long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
(LCPUFAs) such as n-3 and n-6 LCPUFAs can regulate the inflammation through
diet. Elderly who consumed sufficient daily amount of n-3 LCPUFAs has a greater
improvement on the muscle capability and strength. A randomised controlled
trials has proven that n-3 LCPUFA improve the formation of protein which can
contribute on the prevention of sarcopenia.

The reduction of muscle mass is always correlated with the
deficiency of vitamin D. In a cohort studies, the people who having lower
vitamin D with linked with a higher risk of rest home admission. Furthermore, a
studies has shown that vitamin D is helping on muscle function and it can
prevent falls with a therapeutic range of amount.


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