Portes’s how much it cost for them.Most company

five Forces are:1.Competition
in the industry 2.New entrants into the industry 3. suppliers
4.Customers 5.Threat of substitute. 

Rivarly:Competitors have power to threat XYZ company. The
number of competitors will offer them product and service.All the
suppliers and buyers will look for company’s profit margin and
revenue if they can not find perfect deal anywhere else. If
there is no competition and rivery then firms
can do their business very effectively
to get their profits and increase sales for the market to
stay in business. 

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of New Entrants: Company business could
affect the market if new entrant coming into
the business. Because it will
not take much time to any competition to get good position
in market if he/she has enough knowledge and strategy
about it.If they spend more money on them to be
a tough competitor then, company’s services get
down in business. Mostly company
always choose fewer competitors to work in business. 

Suppliers:It is
that how they can supply product and goods with
the minimum price.How they will offer goods and
services to different companies, their aspects and
if company wants to move
to different suppliers how much it cost
for them.Most company depend
on suppliers it is good for suppliers because company relies
on them so they have more power over them.It
is bargaining power of suppliers. 

Customers: It depends
on the customer, e.g. Company
holds how many buyers and customers, what
is important of each buyers, how much it would
cost for them to move different company like one to
another until get good amount of deal.It same pretty
much similar to power of suppliers.How the powerful client
and buyers company have. The
client can hold power over that company.It is Bargaining power of

of substitutes:It is like how good for the consumer can switch
to our competitor product.If they find many
substitute, for example customers can find the same product and
service at different place with the same price
but better quality.If company earns high amount profit,
they can down their price.The customer can easily
switch to substitute product. 

relates to strategy that can implement to any environment
to get success.Their leadership cost, company’s
product should be unique than other companies.For that
it requires good tools and development in the
market.They should find their alternatives.Strategy can
implement in industry and other
business.Company require good understanding of the
marketplace, product, goods and services.Its sellers and
buyers, competitors.They select the good market
to sell their products.


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