Plagiarism the work of students” (p.9). As Sutherland

and Academic Integrity

Encyclopedia of Nursing
Education (2015) defines Academic integrity as a “commitment to six fundamental
values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage in scholarship
and research” (p.6).  According to the Nursing
Student Hand Book (2018-2020), every member of the academic community (students,
faculty, and staff) is expected to maintain high standards of integrity in all facets
of work and study (p.7).

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To uphold academic
integrity in a higher education setting means; to be honest and responsible in our
academic study. Completing our work without cheating or being dishonest.  

According to Pecorari
(2013), “Plagiarism is the reproduction or paraphrasing, without
acknowledgment, from public or private (i.e.: unpublished) material (including
material downloaded from internet) attribute to, or which is the intellectual
property of, another including the work of students” (p.9). As Sutherland
(2013) puts it; taking the words or ideas of another without acknowledging is
like kidnapping the child of another (p.6).

Plagiarism can be avoided
by developing good research habit, understanding good paraphrasing and by
always citing other people’s work, words or ideas.  As it is summarized by Purdue OWL, cite any
words, ideas, or other productions that originate somewhere outside of you.

There are a handful of
resources available for us to ensure we are successful in our academic writing.

Indiana State’s Library is a great resource
to find books/eBooks, journal articles, Newspaper Articles and many more.

Indiana State’s Math and Writing Center
also offers distance tutoring in writing.

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers
guides and information on research and proper citation.

Community for Accredited Online Schools
also suggests some great online resources to properly cite sources used. Citation
Machine, CrossRef, EasyBib, EndNote, Mendeley, and
Zotero are some of the sites that are listed.

Nursing is one of the
most honest and trusted profession. Lack of academic integrity in the classroom
can be an indicator of dishonest behavior in the clinical setting. As nurses we
should possess the important qualities and characteristics of being moral,
ethical, honest, and trustworthy. By being honest with our academic studies; we
will have the necessary knowledge for our earned degree.



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