Physical education

Physical education has been a debated issue in school all over the country. It raises the question whether kids in school should have physical education required or not. Physical education is also known as PE and it is the development and care of the body ranging from simple callisthenic exercises to a course of study providing training in hygiene, gymnastics, and the performance and management of athletic games. Physical education should be mandatory in schools because it promotes a healthy lifestyle for youth children.

Research states “Obesity is common, serious and costly” (mantel 1). Obesity can affect anybody of any age. If schools do not require children to participate in physical education classes, they could face obesity and all of the horrible disease that come with obesity. Center for Disease Control and Prevention director Thomas Frieden said “If we don’t, more people will get sick and die from obesity-related conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer”(Mantel 1).

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This states some of the horrible diseases and the serious effect of death that can come from obesity. Research from an article called “Physical fitness” by Marc Leepson suggests that physical education provides a great opportunity for children to take part in physical exercises which is a good motivation for better health. Studies show that the more you exercise it will help prevent heart disease which is number one on the nations cause of death list. Children can prevent themselves from heart disease and obesity by just participating in Physical education classes.

Which allow children to get out of a chair in a class room and go out or to the gym to run around or play basketball or do pushups or sit-ups. The amount of fitness a child can get from a physical education class can guide them to a healthier future. Physical education classes are a great way for children to relieve stress from so much class and homework. The amount of stress that a child is under is outrageous “The average homework load for first through third-graders has doubled over the past two decades” (Clemmit 1).

Doubling the amount of work on children may be putting too much stress on them making their grades go down instead of up. Stress is not good for anyone especially for children who just want to go outside and play instead of doing homework. Therefore by having a physical education class in schools it will allow children to go outside and play, which will lower stress levels. Lowing stress levels will increase grades and allow children to have fun while at school. Almost all schools over the country have physical education classes that are mandatory from the first grade through the ninth grade.

This is a great way for parents to be ensured that their children will be healthy. Ever parent wants their child to be healthy so why wouldn’t physical education be required in schools? Building muscle is a great way to stay healthy. Physical education classes allow children to stretch, do exercises like pushups, sit-ups and even go outside to run. All of these exercises are provide for children in Physical education. These exercises will help children build muscle and become healthier will avoiding obesity.


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