Physical activities

Physically activity is like water, it is what we need in our daily lives. Physically activity is any sports or activity that involved in any body movement that works our muscles and requires more energy. Some examples of physically activity are running, jogging, swimming, dancing, yoga, lifting weights, cycling or playing on a sports team etc… The main focus of physically activity are to betterment for healthy lungs and hearts, basically to bene? t and maintain a healthy lifestyle for all. (NHLBI, 2011)

According to the GovHK, the recommendations for adolescents are at least 60 minutes a day of moderate or vigorous intensity in the participation of physical activities. Since 2010, the Hong Kong Government had set the recommendations of physical activities from 30 minutes to 60 minutes for adolescents and adults, this is because the reason of Hong Kong people are always torpid and is lacking of doing exercise. According to the Behavioral Risk Factor (BRFSS), there are more than half of the surveyed adolescents and adults had not done physically activity of moderate intensity for more than 10 minutes during the week.

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(CHP, 2012) Following this, people in Hong Kong are often below the recommendations of Hong Kong physical activity. The bene? ts of physically activity is quite important. In physical bene? ts it can be able to improve our cardiovascular/ cardiopulmonary function, reduce the risk of chronic disease or any illness, maintain optimum body weight or obesity, relieve stress, maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints, improved posture and feeling of wellbeing.

However, lack of physically activity will increase the risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, depression, high blood pressure and if serious will cause to have cancers. (BBC. co, n. d. ) In social bene? ts, it gives us more opportunities for social interaction which helps to build community and social networks, reduce isolation or depression, improvement in academic work, environmental friendly due to the reasons that riding bikes instead of cars and economic bene? ts to society for instance; employments, scholarships and volunteers. Lastly, not least is emotional bene?

ts. The emotional bene? ts is able to be imitative from physical wellbeing, in which it bene? ts the rate of depression, anxiety, stress and improve self-esteem towards people. (Smyth, D. Brown, H, 2006) There are many factors that in? uences a person? s participation in physically activity. First of all, is individual reasons which is basically are based on time, study, ? nancial, in? uence of peer groups, parents, environmental, ethnicity and transports. On the other hand, there is the social reasons that in? uence a person? s participation in physically activity by the in?

uence from parents and peers, school? s education and medias. Furthermore is environmental factors like safety, access and adjacency to facilities. Having fun, seeing improvements in ? tness, social issues (able to play with friends), to improve new skills and improve self-esteem are the main major reasons why people continue to participate in physically activities. However, the barriers to participate in physically active are lack of time, fun and supports, low self ef? ciency, feeling unsafe, cause by an injury due to lose of motivation and poor coaching.

(Smyth, D. Brown, H, 2006) ! In this case study, I am going to we have to evaluate an individual? s lifestyle in terms of physical activity, and suggest solutions to physical activity problems that may exist for them and others in the community. In this case study, I chose to interview my friend Cindy. Cindy is the same age as I do which is 15, but she studies in a local school. Whereas, she does not spend time on doing physical activity, having spent most of her time on her homework, studying for tests/ exams and relationships.

To go more in depth and get better understanding of the amount of physical activity she achieves in her daily life, I conducted a questionnaire that will give me a good evaluation of her. The questionnaire will be shown in the appendix. Summary: From the results that I got back, I can conclude that my case study individual has a very low physical activity level. According to the stages of change theory, my friend Cindy falls between the stage 1 and 2 category which is the pre-contemplation and contemplation stage, because she has plans to initiate change in her normal routine, but due to her school work and tests, her physical activity shifts back and so on, in which being physical inactivity.

However, even she has slightly passed the pre-contemplation stage but she is not entirely reached to the second stage, since she is still lack of preparation and determination, as she still hasn? t made time in her schedule for ? tness and physical activities. Due to her school and outside activities, she is not quite ready to commit and take action.

The main factors and barriers, that keeping her lacking the amount of physical activity are time, laziness and peers. Since Cindy studies in a local school and her diploma options are coming up, tests and exams are coming soon which leaving her not much time after she gets back from school and outside activities. I understand, at this stage parents are mostly encourage their child to focus more on their education than on physically activities, but they are totally out of mind that physical activities are also really important in adolescents daily lives, since it is able to relieve stress, anxiety and self-esteem.

At this stage, the most important aspect to keep Cindy to be physically active are the support and encourages from her peers, since the peers are the people who mix in the same environment and same age group as she is. According to Laurence Steinberg, Ph. D. , “ Peers affect adolescents decision making and they in? uence teenagers to do things they might not do on their own, because they have a great deal of behavior occurs when they are with their friends. ” With that said, peers are the strongest inuence to people who has negativity towards physically active. Conclusion: After I evaluate Cindy? s situation of her physically activity, it is important to propose a solution to her lack of physical activity and how she can increase her physically activity with her obstructing factors and her current stage in “Stage of Change” theory.

As I have mentioned on the summary, my individual is lacking the time to do sports, as she studies in local school, in which the workload will be the major reason why she lacks doing ! an amount physically activities.

However, workload is not an excuse to not do physically activities, since the lack of physically activity will increase the risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, depression, high blood pressure and if serious will cause to have cancers or death. According from this, I would suggest her to choose an activity that she likes, for instance; hiking, badminton, walking etc.. In order to keep her up with her physically activity, I would suggest her to do her interesting activities with friends and family, since they are the most strongest inuence to adolescents.

However, Cindy is always lack of time, I would like her to do at least 15 minutes per day until she is completely on the action stage (implementing the plan). I would like her to do it before school since after school she might have a chance hanging out with friend or stay home studying. To improve her physical activity patterns by individual approaches Cindy can be active through others like peers, family and friends encourage to give extra boost and get active.

On the other hand, walk instead of taking the bus, since I know Cindy lives on the hill, instead of taking the bus, she can walk. Following that, it does not only bene? t the time of waiting the bus, also being healthy and physically active. Furthermore, to join team or group activities in the weekends thus make her more feel entertaining to the sport and physical activities. And most importantly, is to set herself a realistic goal to reach with her friends and family, since peers are able to keep her in process and in track with her physical activity.

Secondly, to improve her physical activity patterns by setting based approaches, Cindy can go out with her family for a walk or hiking since parents play an important role on adolescents health behavior, also it is better if Cindy? s parent are involved in her physical activity. To add on, since locals have PE lessons as well, she can be taking more opportunities in class, to get along with new sports, knowledge and skills in order for her to have more participation over extra-curricular opportunities like tags during lunch time, school camps and school team training sections.

Lastly, when she takes the bus, she can maybe drop off the bus by few stations earlier, since it will bene? t her to be physically active and consider time and transportation as her opportunity to be active. However, I will suggest her to start from walking ? rst due to the reason to build up her endurance, power and strength since she is lacking to be physically active by the past few years. As what Edward Stanley said “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to ? nd time for illness. ”


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