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Peering outside the window I stared at the beautiful mountains that seemed to tower over me. I took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh scent of the Palisade peach trees. The dirt road was covered in peach pits from visitors that had stolen the delicious pieces of produce. After passing many ranches and farms that lined the dirt road, we came upon a tiny, secluded house. I excitedly undid my seat belt and jumped from the car. I preceded cautiously, trying to avoid horse poop, as I made my way to the front door. I waited for my family to meet me at the welcome mat before I rang the doorbell. We traveled to Palisade, Colorado to meet a dog breeder named Roni Hale, who was taking care of 30 newborn Australian Shepherd puppies. I had been dreaming of my own dog for years, so when my parents said that I could get one for my 13th birthday, I was ecstatic. We had been stalking Roni’s website ever since the puppies were born and admiring their pictures. When we arrived at Roni’s house she very kindly escorted us to a little pen where several puppies ran around playfully. She opened the gate and we sat down, seeing which ones would approach us. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a darling merle puppy who was laying down in the shade, crying. I giggled a little, as my sister and I walked over and started to pet the distressed puppy. After we met all of the puppies we got in our car and discussed which ones we connected with the most. My sister liked an overweight red puppy named Curtis, I liked a black puppy named Windsor, and we both liked the little brown merle puppy named Lando who we had found crying. As the car ride progressed and the peach trees disappeared, I realized that Lando would be the best fit for our family, he was the sweetest to both my sister and I and would get along best with our other dogs. Four weeks later we drove to the Denver Zoo where we met Roni to pick up our puppy. We scoured the little play area for the new, furry addition to our family. After we picked Lando from the crowd, we caressed his soft puppy fur until he fell asleep in our arms.When we brought him home we introduced him to our other dogs and they all started to play together in the lush green grass, stepping on the marigolds that were abundant in our flowerbeds. They jumped all over the patio furniture grabbing the pillows and tossing them onto the floor. He took a couple of days to adjust, constantly sniffing his toys and the furniture, but as he got used to his surroundings he developed a routine. He woke up every morning at five thirty to go play outside, would get a walk at seven thirty, would nap until nine, play with our next door neighbors dog for a few hours, take another nap until two, and then do it all over again. He became my favorite companion and would cry every time I walked too far ahead or behind. By then I had realized that the statements about a dog being a man’s best friend were indeed true.


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