Paul he wants the reader to actually put

Paul Laurence: “Sympathy”
Paul Laurence, lived at a time when white Americans didn’t like blacks at all. He faced racial prejudice and discrimination in the job market and was only able to find a job as an elevator operator. Long hours spent moving the elevator up and down between the floors gave him ample time to compose poetry.
In the poem Sympathy, Paul Laurence is successful in expressing to the readers the difficult times he has experienced in his lifetime, living as a slave. He is expressing how he is “stuck in a cage” and how he can’t get out no matter what he does or says. He also sings about how people make fun of his race. He makes the reader feel sadness and sorrow as he is putting the poem to where he wants the reader to actually put themselves into the story so that they can find out how being in slavery really feels. Ukessays (2015) Sympathy Poem. Retrieved from
Kate Chopin: “The Story of an Hour”
Chopin was an independent spirit who walked alone through the city, and argued passionately with others about politics and social problems. This was at a time when discussions of women’s emotions with their relationships simply were not accepted during that time in history. She had an interest in driving her own future or to having joy in being alone, or living for herself.

Chopin openly supported women’s independence and sexual freedom to shine through, which was not acceptable during that historical era. She started addressing women issues long before the feminist movement became a major social and political force in America. Her story “The Story of an Hour” reflects her experiences and attitudes about women and independence and the inhibiting role that marriage played in their life. The main character in her story, Louise Mallard, only feels immense freedom when her husband has dies. In this story the idea that marriage is confining and limiting for women is well brought out. Spark notes (2015) The story of an hour. Retrieved from
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