Patriarchy serious and important matter but is not

and traditional patterns of life have relegated women to a position of
insignificance. Women suffer this discrimination in silence. They are subjected
to exploitation both in the house and in the society. They are the victims of
violence like female foeticide, infanticide, child marriage, dowry, purdah,
sati slavery. The birth of a daughter is considered as bad luck. A growing girl
child is considered as a burden for the family. A female child at the tender
age is subjected to sexual exploitation. The married woman is subjected to
myriad forms of violence of varying proportions.

the enactment of a plethora of laws, the status of women has not improved. The
home has become the least safe place for women, whereas it has become the safest
place for men to commit violence against women. It is unfortunate that even
after 71 years of Independence, the position of women has not changed. Even
though the Constitution of India affords equality of status and opportunity to
all its citizens, Indian womanhood is still tied up by the rusted chains of
religious customs and traditions. According to the statistics in 2001 Census
the female sex ratio is 933:1000. This reflects society’s preference for a male
child and an Indication of the low status accorded to women. Domestic Violence
is a serious and important matter but is not given any importance. Women are
individuals who have their own identity. A clear legislation is to curb the
domestic violence in the need of the hour.

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Key Words:  Society, Social Status, Marginalized,
Inequalities etc.


development history of the evolution of society’s scrutiny of primitive
society, Men and Women also the wealth of food in search they are working
equally. So that’s the difference, however, was in distress. Nuts, tubers,
fruits piled make the women involved, Hunting, the men involved in the
acquisition of honey. The woman was on the responsibility to protect children.  So, woman is not responsible for the
hunt. Due to the robust nature of the boundaries of the women did not even let
the external things. But the distress is not going to be the difference.

evolution of society in their respective communities, culture, traditions,
values, adjustments, will also appear in ceremonial affairs. Still gods are
found in the world of agriculture. For example: Yellamma, Maisamma, Uppalamma
etc. Even in today’s society women of the village gods.

today woman are most marginalized sections of Indian Society various social and
economic indicators provide the evidence of inequalities and vulnerabilities of
women in all sectors  economic, social,
demographic, health, nutrition, etc. The rising incidence of crime and violence
against women are indicators of a decline in the respect of women in society.


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