Patients and professional

Claire as a registered respiratory therapist and a registered nurse sees her profession as source of personal fulfillment. She had honed her professional skills through 17 years of patient care experience in the field. Field experience in the medical profession is unparalleled, through her interaction with patients and professional she had developed genuine care for patients and professional for the field. She had gained expertise acknowledged by her peers and clients.

Thus, when she entered the corporate medical device industry she took the initiative to advocate better deliverance of health care by helping clinician help their patients the base care. She assists executive level from making major financial and technological decisions. It is part of her responsibility to make sure each and every clinician is fully trained on their equipment. Thus, get the full and best use of the equipment to not only benefit the hospital and clinician but also the patients.

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These efforts, led to the lowering the cost of healthcare is through better patient care by enabling the clinicians to provide the right care at the right time. She acknowledge that she may be luckier than some, because she in a profession that she feels she is making a significant contributions. Being a mother, she personally feels for parents whose children are under medical care due to illness. As, a parent she would like her children to learn any profession can be used to be of service to others. That is important to be in a job you are developed and appreciated.

As a spouse, she aims to become her husband’s source of support as he is to her. Considerably, her family is very young and she would like to equip herself with the necessary parental skill that she would need particularly in her children’s adolescents year. At times, though she feels that the demand of family life and professional life is taking a toll of her emotional well-being. She has to sets priorities and often the things she has to give up; working in the medical instrument copy at times requires travel and hours of work.

As a mother, there are times that she feels that she should spend more time with her kids. Children tend to grow up really fast. Although, she seems to manage well, this is still this dilemma she often encounters. At this point she had to acknowledge her husband’s part in taking care of the family. It helps to know that she is not alone; learning from other working mothers and how they deal helps her find her own balance. Although she has a long way to go before moving to late adulthood, she would like to make the best of it while she’s here with her family and friends.

Significant relationships are within the workplace, the community and the family. Thus, Claire would like to expand her expertise to the community. She plans to get involved in community project pertaining to healthcare. Time can be an issue but she believes that it can be done. Support groups in forms of friends, family and peers can help her resolve internal conflicts and feel more competent in handling all aspects of her life. Loevinger’s Ego Development According to Loevinger’s Ego Development, the ego serves as the master trait of personality with a core organizing function.

In a way it neutralizes the demands of the id and the super ego. The ego provides the direction and guidance for both the inner and outer forces (Thorne, 1993). Loevinger presented ego development in nine distinct stages. Most adults can be found from the fifth to the seventh level of ego development (Westenberg, Blasi ; Lawrence, 1998). The self-aware stage, the fifth stage is the most common stage among adults in the United States. At this stage there is an increased but limited awareness of deeper issues and the inner lives of themselves and others.

A personal introspection of ideas pertaining to religion, morality, mortality, love and relationships as compared to others, somewhat there seems to have resolution. Awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance of others perspective, they are appreciating themselves and others as unique. However this may bring tension between actual to what is expected. In terms what is expected is often a combination of society and the individual’s own definition. This may lead conflicts with family and peers.

If let unresolved this may lead to self –criticism. This continues on the sixth stage, the conscientious stage. At this stage, the tendency towards self-evaluation and self-criticism continues. Responsibility, achievement and the pursuit of high ideals and long-term goals are highly valued. Personally-evaluated morality starts to evolve and behavior is guided by self-evaluated standards. It is at this stage as well that, shame arises from not meeting the others’ expectations; guilt arises from not meeting one’s own expectations.


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