Partnership In this partnership they are paying income

is a small personal partner’s arrangement. In that one or more people share
their profits and liabilities in their business. In that case partnership
companies like to sign their legal relationship as an agreement carry on the
business owners. In that case these partnership is different from a
corporation. but sometimes separate there are individual owners. In this
partnership they are paying income tax in this partnership. Partnership
companies are given to the another partner to profit or losses. But it depends
on the legal agreement. In that case partnership companies shares to personal
things to another partner. Then they are sharing the good or bad things. another
one is sharing personal skill and resources. In these partnership have three
types of partnership. There are, General partnership, Limited partnership and
Limited liabilities partnership.

partnership has a lot of strength and weakness. Then strength area of
partnership companies. There is strength in these partnerships. In that case
all of partnership main part is capital. But sometimes it can be changed in
this partnership. Another one is partners are investments and their profit.
Decision making is the most of important thing into the partnership companies.
But most of director boards use their brain and they are giving to the good
decisions to the business and faced many problems Solving. In these partnership
companies have lot of weak areas. There is profit sharing. But some companies
don’t like shares the profit. In the matter faced to another partner. Sometimes
he or she leave in this partnership. Another weak area is liabilities. In this
liabilities primary partnerships have to unlimited liabilities. In that case
all partners share all the liabilities and financial risk in their business.

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company means people are build up the companies and they are owned by a group
of people they are called shareholders. In that case they have unlimited
personal liabilities and debenture of business. Limited companies are legal. In
that case this companies bring assets bring money and they are sign to contract
in own name. But owners have not big responsibilities for these companies. There
are Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies.


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