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Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer born on December 27, 1571.  His parents were Heinrich Kepler and Katharina Guldenmann. Father left when he was just five years old and his mother attempted witchcraft for a living. Was introduced to astronomy I do young age and he liked the subject so much that it stuck with him until he was an adult.  Kepler’s education helped him to his discoveries in astronomy which includes the three laws of planetary orbit. 
    In 1589, after finishing Latin school he went to the University of Tubingen.  While he was there she came to be in intelligent mathematician and gained the reputation of the skillful astrologer.  As well as astrology he studies Philosophy and theology with to known people- Vitus Muller and Jacob Heerbrand.  At the University he learned about the Copernican and the Ptolemaic system of planetary motion. He believes that the sun was the main source of power in the universe. At the end of the school years, Kepler plans to become a minister but quit on that idea when he was offered a job to be a professor of mathematics and astronomy at the Protestant school in Graz. 
    The first law of planetary motion that Kepler discovered is that the planets move in elliptical orbits with the sun. It is sometimes referred to as the law of Ellipes,  he is basically saying that the planets are moving around the sun in a way that is described as an ellipse.  An ellipse is somewhat a circle but it looks more like an oval.  There are two points in this “oval” that the sun is in between and those are called the foci. 
    The second law is the law of equal areas and it describes the speed at which any given plan will move while orbiting the sun. The speed that planets move is constantly changing, the planet moves fastest when it is closest to the sun and slowest when it is furthest from the sun because of the oval-like shape of the orbit. A simple way of saying this law is that the planet speed is not constant when it is closest to the sun on its orbit that is when it is moving the fastest and when it is further away from the sun and its orbit it is moving the slowest. But the most important thing is that the planets are never moving at the same speed.
    You would think that the planets that are farthest away from the sun would have a bigger orbit and they do. You would also think that they take a longer amount of time to rotate around the sun then the plants that are closer to it, that is also true. This is what Kepler discovered, and it later became his third law of planetary motion. He found out that the planets move slower when farther from the sun and he figured out that it has to do with whatever force the sun has towards the planets weakens the farther they are away. These three laws aren’t just for our solar system they are used for the universe.
    Johannes Kepler’s exposure to astronomy at a young age led him to his success and his findings. He was a major part of the Renaissance and history in itself because of the things he discovered. His ideas spread and helped future scientists such as Isaac Newton and his laws of gravity. Without and His discoveries we might not know about the way our planet moves. 

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