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Coming from a private school since the pre-school days, I am pretty bias to whether school uniforms are bad for children. Uniforms are the only clothing articles I was allowed to wear to school, unless there was a rare occasion where we could wear a school related t-shirt and jeans. My closet included a section of hideous (and overpriced) maroon pleaded skirts that touched the bottom of my knees and horrendous black, white, and grey polo shirts that had to be tucked in. I do not think Alli Plunkett, the author of the article “Why School Uniform Is Bad For Our Children”, makes excellent points, from a mother of school children, as to why uniforms are bad. As a woman who has not yet had children, I still can agree to the points she has made. School uniforms are bad for our children because it causes children not to be able to express themselves because of conformity and encourages children to lack self esteem.
While I was still in grade school, every single day I would walk around the halls of my small Christian school, and see that I was matching with almost every single girl. Every single person at my school had to abide by the schools strict dress code. If one was not obeying the rules, disciplinary actions were taken (which to this day I think is ridiculous). From the no earring policy to the only bright color nail polish policy, the strict rules did not allow myself and every other student the ability to express ourselves. When a child is a forced to wear what the school wants them to wear, they do not have the ability to express themselves through fashion. As Punkett states, “Fashion is the perfect place for children to direct moods and changes. It’s an outlet for emotion and a place where they can safely express themselves” (qtd. by Punkett, Alli). Once I got out of grade school and moved on to college, I was then able to express myself through my clothing and accessories. I feel as if children should have the ability to express themselves in grade school.
Not being able to express myself in grade school was tough. Growing up, I always felt we were made to be different. With not being able to express yourself comes the lack of self esteem. How can a child be proud of their differences if they are not able to show them? Children build their character at very young ages. Children should be taught to stand out. Being able to wear whatever you want is a way to stand out. Also, if children can not stand out, how can we tell if someone is poverty stricken? If a child is covered in what the school wants them to dress, we are not able to see if they need help. Uniforms hide what the children is going through. Punkett states “wouldn’t it be better to focus our attentions on teaching our children to sympathize with those children and try and help them, rather than hide them away within the confinements of school society (qtd. by Punkett, Ali)”. I agree with the point she is making. School uniforms hide the true character and personality of a child.

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