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Good afternoon, students of division 2 and Ms. Sikic. My name is Kirby and I’m going to tell you about the civil rights leader who had a great influence on American society, Martin Luther King Jr.In 1929 a man was born. A man who would follow his fathers footsteps to become a great American leader. He was not only a leader, but also someone that would inspire people of all generations. He is a man that cared about his fellow people and would not give up for anything. He would try to fight. Try to win. Try to claim peace for our world. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was an incredible leader that made influence on social standards, racism, justice and respect which is still known the United States’ population today.During his life, the United States was ruled by the law of segregation. A lot of Individuals had to attend schools, ride buses and drink from water fountains based on their skin color. White and black people could not use the same bathroom in many places. The law caused inequality and racism to increase throughout the country, and Martin Luther King was one of the many who found this law to be unacceptable. Martin Luther King is most often remembered for his influence on race relations. His ‘I Have a Dream’ speech inspired thousands of individuals and people from all around the world to look beyond skin color, judging others based on their actions and not on looks. His actions also helped the segregation laws. This caused non-whites to receive equal amount of treatment, access to schools, transportation and employment for the first time in all of United States history.His teachings also helped influence equal opportunity policies for people of different genders, religions and disabilities. He brought African-Americans to an equal level with white Protestants and he made sure that all United States citizens, regardless of skin color, sex, background, beliefs or culture, were treated fairly and equally. He also supported the individual rights of every man, woman and child in the country.

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Martin Luther King was one of the few most famous, inspiring individuals in all of United States history. Before his assassination in 1968, he’d given dozens of speeches, he met with government and religious leaders and led protest marches.


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