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26.    I am perfect just the way I am
I don’t need to compete or compare myself with anybody. I don’t need to live up to an image of perfection, I just need to be me.
27.    Self-mastery begins with self-awareness
With awareness I know that I can change the world of believes.
What is real I cannot change and it doesn’t matter what I believe.
28.    I was born to perceive the truth
The truth (knowledge of self) lead me to a life that has a clear purpose and is meaningful.
29.    I refuse to believe in lies
Lies lead me to fear and limitations, to conflict and drama, to a life that is complicated and difficult.
30.    I am completely authentic
I don’t pretend to be what I am not. I am what I am and I accept what I am.
There is no one like me. I will make full use of this authentic gift of life.
31.    I am immune to gossip
I am immune to predators who use gossip to hurt other people. It doesn’t matter who judges me, who blames me, who disagrees with my point of view. I don’t even bother to defend my
view point.
32.    I don’t take anything personally
Nothing others say or do is about me. I am immune to their usually mind – made view of reality and opinions.This awareness gives me immunity in my interaction with other people.
33.    I am in control of my attention
The ability to steadily focus in a way that keep me connected and aligned to the fulness of life takes me strait to my destiny. By mastering my attention, I control my choices and fulfill the dream of my life.
34.    I am free to be who I really am
The freedom to be who I really am and to do what I need to do, are the greatest gifts that I can give myself.
35.    I refuse to gossip
I never use the word to gossip about myself or to spread emotional poison by gossiping about other people.
36.    I care for this beautiful earth
In many ways I sincerely contribute to the protection and healing of this planet.
I use my energy, talents and skills for this urgent and noble task. It is the responsibility of every  single human being !

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