Overall prototypes ? Maintaining libraries of parts and

Overall it is clear to see that CAD
drawings have enabled the manufacturing process to evolve with technological
advancements. CAD offers many benefits as discussed above which further
increase operational scope. However this is all dependant on the investment
companies are willing to make into both software,hardware and peopleware. Without
these investments the ability to manufacture efficiently and with greater
accuracy will be hindered. This can see competitors increase their scale and
gain greater market share. It is vital that drawings created comply with
National and International conventions to aid in the production technical
drawings. This will further enhance the company’s ability to communicate and


Some features of modern CAD systems

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Solid modelling

Creation of engineering drawings from the solid models

Freeform surface modelling

Automated design of assemblies, which are collections of
parts and/or other assemblies

Reuse of design components

Ease of modifying the design of a model and the production
of multiple versions

Automatic generation of standard components of the design

Validation/verification of designs against specifications
and design rules

Simulation of designs without building a physical

Production of engineering documentation, such as
manufacturing drawings, and Bills of Materials required to build the product

Import/Export routines to exchange data with other
software packages

Output of design data directly to manufacturing facilities

Output directly to a Rapid Prototyping or Rapid
Manufacture Machine for industrial prototypes

Maintaining libraries of parts and assemblies

Calculating properties of parts and assemblies

Aiding visualization with shading, rotating, hidden line
removal, and so forth

Inclusion of programming code in a model to control and
relate desired attributes of the model


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