Oprah was close to her heart: “I was

Oprah Winfrey for women and blacks: that time is over. Receiving career recognition Oprah Winfrey, introduced by Reese Witherspoon, thrilled the audience with a long speech. The actress began by remembering herself as a child “when in 1964, sitting on a floor of lineoleum I saw Anne Bancroft utter those five words that changed the story:” The Oscar goes to Sidney Poitier. ” elegant that I had ever seen, it was the first time I saw a black man being celebrated.You can imagine what it means for a little girl to see him on TV from an inexpensive sofa while his mother was destroyed by having cleaned the houses of others.Today is a great privilege being the first black woman to receive this award and I do not forget the fact that there will be other girls who are watching TV right now “. Then the presenter and actress focused on the other theme that was close to her heart: “I was inspired by all the women who have decided to talk about personal stories, we are used to telling stories of others but this time we told I want to express my gratitude for those who, like my mother, endured years of abuse because they had children to grow up, bills to pay, dreams to be fulfilled Today the time is over and all the girls want to say day ‘and this new dawn will come thanks to many women who are here tonight and phenomenal men who fight because no one in the future says more me too “.

Frances McDormand: “So many women here do not because they eat for free”. Frances McDormand won the Golden Globe for her role as a courageous mother, struggling to find the perpetrators of her daughter’s murder as Best Actress in the film Three Posters at Ebbing Missouri. Frances McDormand in his usual dry style, from the stage said: “I have some little things to say but I’ll be short because we all need to drink and for the actresses, there’s tequila at the bar. But it was great to be here tonight and to participate in this mildly Teutonic. “The women who have chosen to be here tonight are not sure why they will eat for free”.

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Sam Rockwell violent prize policeman. McDonagh’s film has also won two other awards: Sam Rockwell won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role as a violent agent who lives in the police station of the southern town where seven months ago she was raped and killed teenager. When the mother decides to rent three billboards to accuse the police of laziness, all the balances are broken. Rockwell thanked the director and the protagonist who defined “a force of nature”. The film also won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay and went on stage and screenwriter and Irish director who wished his mother “that the years tomorrow and loves these things, even if I think she preferred to win Lady Bird”. And it was then satisfied.


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