On at the band shell rally and others

On June 5, 1968. Another tragic event occurs when potential presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated. Just two months later, the Democratic Party is planning the democratic national convention to introduce their presidential and vice-presidential nominees.     On August 26, at the International Amphitheater, The Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago (Reilly, 2016) .  On August 26, in the early morning, about a thousand protestors marched to police headquarters to protest the convention. There were many arrested as the convention started to begin. Going on until the last day of the convention, thousands of people brought signs, weapons, and other objects to protest the Vietnam War. Chicago mayor enforced the police force to handle the crowd forcefully. In an effort to minimize the behavior of the protestors, the policemen started becoming violent. In many situations, protestors, and even bystanders and reporters, we’re beaten with clubs and later arrested (Glass, 2017). According to an article by Dean Blobaum, on August 28, a young man took down an American flag at the band shell rally and others replaced it with a bloody shirt. Policemen were directed to throw tear gas, which tore into the crowd and the efforts to try to contain the mass was difficult. The violence also ensued inside the convention as many in the lobby started becoming rowdy. The fear was mostly subjected to protestors, but the Chicago policemen were faced with the dangers of outraged citizens. In this excerpt, titled “Battleground Chicago”, this policeman describes his anxiousness of what to come. The police officer stated, “The problem for all of us was that we didn’t know what or where the hit was coming from”, which demonstrates how policemen had a sense of fear regarding expecting things to happen (Kusch, 2004).  In some terms, the thought of not knowing was what was going to happen was dangerous on both ends.


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