Obligation on the new is reporting exactly what

Obligation to the truth



      All journalist must tell the truth; it’s a
part of their credibility. It’s what the audiences expect

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 when they watch or read the news.  In the Elements
of Journalism: by Kovach and Rosenstiel “It is an unexceptionable statement
that inspires “absolute unanimity” among journalists and the public.  As Kovach and Rosenstiel observe, it also
inspires “utter confusion.”  One problem
with telling the truth is telling the truth, and defining the meaning of truth.

 It seems apparent that it should be only
one meaning for the word truth, but unfortunately all journalist has their
definition of what the truth is.


      Telling the truth on the new is reporting
exactly what we see going on in the world by finding

 and verifying the facts.  But what does “fact” mean to most
Journalist?  And which ones are
relevant?  Events should be in tuned to what
going on in the community.  At times
facts may change, but that why journalist is supposed to search and verify for





are considered extinct(Fact).  And this
was recognized as the truth.  But then

 pointed out that birds are in fact dinosaurs.  So what does this mean for the previous fact?  It has to be replaced or modify with a new fact.  This is where verification of the accuracy of
a statement comes into play; I feel this is the most important job for a
journalist to have.


      So as I shown in my example, you can see
how finding and verify the truth can be a long

Which bring me to why I picked this element.  I find today that most journalists do not
follow the process of truth-telling, and that leads to untruths, labeling and
confusing.  Because as you report the
fact, your supposed to put meaning behind them, however giving an event a
reasonable interpretation is another problem I find journalist have.  Definitions differ from person to person, so
what does that mean?  Well, that means
it’s left up to the audience to make sense out of it.


      And that’s where the problem comes in at.

 The audience relies on the journalist to

precisely so that they can, in turn, make a well-informed decision. So where
does that leave the public?  I feel that
the only way to correct these problems is to retrain, teach and give simple
examples, maybe even put up diagrams on such processes to follow when reviewing
a story.










Loyalty to the citizens



loyalty to their citizens is consistently and reliably providing unbiased news

their faithful audience.” 
So what does this statement mean? 
It says that no matter what journalist must be committed to the
audience, by educating them and shaping their understanding of the events
around them.  A journalist must serve the
public. While informing the audience, we must also maintain our independence
from the source where interviewing.  Our
job is to uncover the truth and bring it to the public.


      And we uncover the truth by bearing
witness to it. Kovach and Rosenstiel call this “implied covenant of journalism.” 
Our job is to protect our audience interest.


Example: Kovach and Rosenstiel outline five


1.     “Owner must be committed to citizens”


2.     “Hire managers who put citizens the first”


3.     “Set and communicate clear ideas”


4.     “Journalists have final say over news”


5.     “Communicate clear standards to the




Must maintain independence from those
they cover



impartial or neutral is not a core principle of journalism. …impartiality was

 what was meant by objectivity. …the critical
step in pursuing truthfulness and informing citizens is not neutrality but
independence….”  This statement by Rosenstiel doesn’t just
stand for a journalist; it’s for anyone reporting any news.  We must inform the public not
manipulate.  This is what sets journalism
apart “from other forms of communication.” 
The people must see a journalist as acting for them.


      And we show the public this by bringing
diversity into the newsroom.  Having
people from

backgrounds ensure that’s all interests will be covered.  This shows the public that we care, that was
making an effort to include everyone, so no one feels left out and isolated.  So along with bringing this information, we
can also add our opinion on the matter.  And
well, the public loves honesty, and it helps them identify with you more as a




Current Events



NTV, citizen
journalist assaulted at NASA meeting

Element – Tuesday October 31,2017




–       Journalists was assaulted during a
meeting by National Super Alliance(Nasa)

–       Citizen Tv’s and NTV’s were roughed up

–       The citizens were attended the meeting seeking
out Citizen Tv’s and NTV crew to show how dissatisfied they was with the
results at the 290 polling stations

–       Presidential election – declared winner
Uhuru Kenyatta

–       The citizens felt the news crews rigged
the election

–       It was young people that assaulted the
crew- a surprise


      It seems that the Journalist reporting
this event had betrayed the trust of the public, the youth that attack felt
that the election results was rigged.  It’s
not cleared what actually took place, but they did attend a previous event
where the same journalists were at.



journalists resign: Latest example of media recklessness on the Russia Threat

Element – June 27,2017




–       Three journalists resigned

–       They were forced to retract a story
linking Trump to a Russian investment

–       Their information was alone base on one

–       Said Russian bank Vnesheconombank was
under investigation

–       Trump is not under investigation in
connection with Russia

–       Most claims about Russia was found to be
false as far as being exaggerated or being added too

–       All source was anonymous

–       Articles since have been widely denounced

–       Hillary Clinton was involved in the
article “Trump communicate with Russia”

–       Relationship with Putin was
fabricated-guardian was forced to do a retraction


      This last article clearly show how
journalist are manipulating the public instead of guiding and informing them.


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