Ø and social media ads are developed ·

Ø Advertising

Budgets are
made on a budget sheet showing the total of departments with their individual

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identifying how much minimum sales is required in a particular time period to
make the committed budgets justifiable

the amount of budget saving that is being done for planning to next milestone

budget is reconciled on monthly and quarterly basis to check the utilization
and to keep the Advertising and Sales Promotion within limits

TV ads,
newspaper, magazine and social media ads are developed

Social media
consist of Facebook, twitter, whatsapp activities


Ø Market

activities are planned by the Head ofdepartment after discussions with Management

Plan are made
with media agencies for activities and they are evaluated accordingly

Department is closing link with team pertaining to feedback of media
strategies/ activities 

When the
activities implemented the relevant agency raise for payment demand   

Accounts section
done payments as per invoice


Ø Branding

Branding activities
shall be executed from Head of department.

Head of
Department assesses activity and based on its feasibility and budget
availability, proposal is made

After the
proposal finalization the activity briefing is given to the relevant team

Budget shall
be approved from competent authorities keeping in view the activity &
amount of budget involved.

completion of an activity, feedback of activity to Marketing Department will be
provide by the relevant team and gap analysis will be done accordingly and
future plan will be planned accordingly. 


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